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(Code: 81165)
EPIRB FastFind 220
378.00 €
Distress marker McMurdo FastFind 220, bi-frequency, integrated GPS, compact, delivered with floating bag. The distress marker McMurdo FastFind 220 is bi-frequency: the Fast Find is equipped with two radio emitters which transmit as soon as you activate the marker. An emitter uses a 406 MHz frequency qui transmits emergency signals through satellite. The other emitter uses a 121.5 MHz frequency which transmits received signals by flying planes and guiding receivers of the Search and Rescue (SAR). The PLB Fast Find 220 marker is equipped with integrated GPS receivers which determinate the geographic position and transmit it with the distress signal. Once activated, the PLB marker emits a signal and keeps transmitting at least 24 hours with an output power of 5W so that your distress signal might be transmitted no matter conditions. The marker, waterproof, activates easily by clicking on a button and warns SAR services of the critical situation you are in. 220 FastFind characteristics: Size: 34 x 47 x 106 mm – Weight: 152 gr – Sealing: IPX8 – Equipped with a flash LED lamp – Battery: Lithium Manganese – Autonomy: on 10° temperature, 35H, and on -20°C, 24H. Battery validity: 6 years – GPS: 50 canals – Net price
(Code: 81166)
Safety jacket
145.20 €
BEAUFORT lifebelts are available 10 years, renewable once. They are really light (525 gr). Their form and robustness will assure you a safety warranty. Agreed by FAA and CAA. Characteristics: - inflation through cartridge + mouth inflation system – Delivered with soft bag. Net price
(Code: 81355)
GPS tracker flighter
239.90 €
Flighter GPS tracker. The flighter GPS tracker records and shares your path. The tracker allows following on distance your device navigation with your cellphone or your computer. Thanks to this tiny box, you can consult in real time your plane position and also configure alerts. (Ex: lox battery level or excess of VNE). An easy to use and effective tool to handle planes or location aircrafts. Perfect for schooling and clubs. It allows locating and recording the trajectory of the student. Included accessories: Antenna – Charger – Connection box – Support. Optional: case. Ref: 81352 – Price: 9,90€ TTC
(Code: 91024)
Carbon monoxide Detector
7.55 €
Map carbon monoxide detector. Available for 18 months after opening the packaging
(Code: 91025)
237.56 €
Carbon monoxide detector
(Code: 91076)
Carbon monoxide detector
39.90 €
Kit including a support allowing fixating the detector pellet on a flight board. Setting the date – Delivered with 4 90 days reload.
(Code: 91076-R)
Carbon monoxide refill
4.90 €
Reload for monoxyde detector kit - Ref 91076
(Code: 91078-01)
Safety vest M/L
6.90 €
Safety vest size M / L, orange color. Logo and inscription “PILOT” on the front. Inscription “AIR CREW” on the back
(Code: 91078-02)
Safety vest XL/XXL
6.90 €
Safety vest size XL / XXL orange color. Logo and inscription “PILOT” on the front. Inscription “AIR CREW” on the back.
(Code: 91086)
59.00 €
This Finger Pulse Oximeter was specifically designed according to the pilot’s requirements. As every person’s body is different, it is therefore important that during flights above 8.000 ft the pilot’s blood oxygen saturation level is measured, in order to avoid any impairment through oxygen deficiency. Furthermore, you can read your pulse at any time. The PILOT FPO is solely to be used for information and monitoring purposes and is no substitution for compulsory oxygen supply needed by law when flying at high altitude. Further advantages are: Easy to use automatic on/off function, insert finger and read Bright and easy to read OLED colour display Low power consumption – up to 30h with 2 AAA Batteries Low voltage warning Low weight ca. 50g incl. Batteries Automatic power off after 8sec. if not in use Adjustable brightness and 6 display modes Also included: 2 AAA Batteries Protecting cover made of nylon Lanyard Manual in D, E, F, ESP und I