Altimeter 3 pointer 38000FT 80mm

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Altimeter 3 needles graduated from 0 to 20.000 ft – Diam: 80 mm – Depth: 93 mm – Measurement scale: 1.000 ft/tour . mbar – Measurement scale: the big needle indicates hundreds of ft, the little one indicates thousands of ft, and the thin one with the inversed triangle indicates tens of thousands ft. The altimetric timing must be displayed in the barometric window (950 – 1050 mBar) – Delivered with 1/8’ output diam 6 mm
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Patented product, incorporates a highly reliable MEMS sensor.
Accurate, durable, and does not require regular calibration.

Wide measurement range up to 38,000 feet.
Barometric unit can be switched between mmHg/inHg/mb.
Easy barometric pressure adjustment via two simple and direct buttons.
Digital barometric pressure display with large, clear digits and adjustable brightness.
No need to return to the manufacturer or check with a special instrument. After years, when the pressure-sensitive component of the gauge shows a small drift, the gauge error can be corrected manually.
A gauge for everyone, thanks to features such as high accuracy, wide range and switchable barometric unit.

80 mm diameter
Depth of 98 mm (+ 9 mm connection)
Power supply from 9 to 30 Volts DC
Static socket for PU tube Ø 4 x 2.5 mm
Weight : 365 grs

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