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Flying on your own wings French
28.50 €
French version Chris Heintz is an aeronautical engineer with a 50 years career in designing and construction of light aircrafts. Recognized in the entire world like a talented and accomplished developer, his aircrafts are reputed and appreciated for their simplicity and their performances. In Flying on your own wings, he share his knowledge and his insight in art and science of light aircraft designing. Chris heintz catches the reader and ensures understanding essentials elements to know for design, develop, build and check his light aircraft. The basic maths, aerodynamic and stress analysis are some chapters in this fascinating book. Chris Heintz gives a type design for help prospective designers to make their first steps in imagination and creation of their own wings.
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Paramotor guide
35.00 €
The paramotor guide
(Code: 90128)
World Aviation 2015/2016
10.29 €
Aviation Worldwide faire 2015/2016. With 100 000 copies and 3 different versions, this leisure fair is the world champion of the aeronautic press. As every year, the Aviation Worldwide Fair treats every kind of flight, paragliding, each type of aircrafts, amateur build planes, certified single-engine, equipment manufacturers, anyway everybody! In addition to be an amazing selection tool, the Aviation Worldwide Faire also became an unavoidable address book.
(Code: 90128-VL)
World of free flight 2011/2012
7.75 €
Free flight Worldwide Fair - Edition 2011/2012
(Code: 90133-02)
Maxima aircraft flight manual
64.00 €
This updated and increased 4th edition of the plane steering guidebook integrates: - the evolution of theoretical program PPL and LAPL reclaimed by the European Agency for the Aerial Safety; - the new European aerial circulation regulation, the SERA, relevant in France since September 2014. Complementary of the practical formation you receive from your trainer, the guide book follows on the most accurate war the theoretical exam program of Plane Private Pilot and has been conceived to succeed easily. Learning and reviewing are made easier by many schemes, pictures and mnemonic qui improve assimilation. Every module is followed by a quiz, identic to the one you’ll find during the theoretical exam. It also includes complementary modules: GPS, night flight, aeronautic English and mountain flight. Conceived and redacted by experienced teacher pilots, this guidebook will become your closest flight companion, after succeeding at the exam! This guidebook can be completed by its “progression booklet”, essential to follow-up the formation and which will be asked by the examiner.
(Code: 90145)
THE REGLO: The dictionary
15.00 €
THE Aircraft REGLO. The regulation applicable to aircraft and their pilot, presented in a dictionary.
(Code: 90167)
Free flight handbook 2011 Edition
39.00 €
Free flight guidebook. The free flight official for the candidate to the federal free flight paragliding and hang glider Certificate. New edition 2011. The author updated his whole book and particularly regulation. – Evolution of the whole quiz with particularly update about technical questions – Flight techniques: new notions developed on a double page added to burst effects or new schemes illustrating 360° engaged or on the ground. – Weather: a new synthesis scheme of different clouds – The booklet includes 4 supplementary pages. – Ten chapters. 293 pages treat on exhaustive way every flight aspects, both theoretical and practical. A federal mcq validates acquired knowledges of your knowledge. Reference book, through comments and bright schemes, he remarkably knows how to make flight culture accessible. Authors: P.P Ménégoz and A.Jacques, both trainers, were at the origin of the growth of the activity. They still are passionate and forefront in their respective domain. Technical characteristics: 293 pages, size: 240 x 210 cm. Piloting, regulation, aerology, Includes the exam mcq.