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(Code: 42095)
Hydraulic oil DOT4 - 500ml
11.50 €
Fluid destined to drum or disc brakes systems as well as most of vehicles coupling systems. It fits to tough utilization systems (disc brakes reaching high temperature). Specific gravity: 1,06 at 20°C, pH: 6,9 mm²/s, color: pale yellow, neat boiling point: > 230°C. Properties and advantages: mixable to every other DOT4 and DOT3 brakes fluids, neutrality regarding joints. High anti corrosive power, answering to the toughest requirements. FMVSS116-DOT4-SAEJ 1073
(Code: 42146)
Oil for brake Aeroshell aviation
11.50 €
Aeroshell oil brake, type mineral aviation, can only be used with systems expected to this kind of oil, more specifically do not mix with blue and green DOT4 oil.
(Code: 74314)
Oil Dextron ATF  3 verin
11.66 €
Dextron oil ATF3 for hydraulic cylinder circuit of the Idrovario propeller - 1L bottle
(Code: 91360)
oil reducer high performance
29.60 €
High performance oil TOP-BLEND 80W 90 for reducer and mechanic transmission. – Miscible with mineral and synthetic oils, PAO and esters type, performance level included between API GL1 and GL5, excepted Poly-glycols. – Compatible with a big majority of elastomer used in transmission carters, especially NBR and fluocarbonate polymer. – Reduce harmful sludge formation and carbon residue linked to the conception of a new engine.- Prevent every oil leak du to defective joints. – Prolong the transmission lifetime by distributing lubricant on all the concerned surface. – Contains specific substances to reduce friction and reduce the sound.
(Code: 91371)
Grease multip bio NLGI 2
12.00 €
Grease Multip bio NLGI 2. Multi use, especially in order to degrease the rotor’s head for autogyres. Using from -15 to -30°C. 400g cartridge
(Code: 91420)
YACCO AVX500 2T 2 liters
28.00 €
Yacco oil AVX 500 2 T half synthesis. Developed in order to answer to different engine manufacturer requirement of light aviation. Particularly adapted for 2t engines, on injection or carburetor, including those used on severe use condition (schooling, banner towing…) Specification: API TC+, smoke suppressant 2t – Use: 2 to 4% according to the builder recommendation. Advantages: Oil colored in blue. Reinforced protection against the deposit formation and segments gumming. Instantaneous miscibility in the fuel. Low flowing point allowing using until really low temperature. 2L can.
(Code: 91420-60)
YACCO AVX500 2T 60 liters
611.00 €
Yacco Oil AVX 500 2 T half synthesis. Price for the 60L can + pump. Flat-rate port 29.90€ ATI for metropolitan France.
(Code: 91421)
YACCO MVX1000 4T 10W50 1 liter
17.50 €
MVX1000 oil 4 t 10W50. 100% synthesis to detergent additives and reinforced antiwear answering to the last Rotax requirement, especially while using unleaded gasoline 98 and 100LL. 1L can.
(Code: 91422)
YACCO BVX C 100 85W140 2 liter bott
19.50 €
BVX C 100 oil 85W140 – Yacco reducer – Important noise and transmission vibration reduction in every season – Remarkable extreme properties – pressure assuring an amazing delivery of gears submitted to big charges – Really high resistance to high temperature – 2L can
(Code: 91423)
Organic liquid cooling
15.90 €
Organic cooling system. Protection -35°C, ready to use. Compatible with every cooling system (alloy aluminum, …) Amazing protection against internal corrosion. Thermal transports improvements. Avoids deposit formation. Optimum protection against water pump. 2L can.
(Code: 91424)
Oil BVX1000 reducer - 2L
25.20 €
BVX 100 Oil reducer 100% synthesis 75W-90. Using: gearbox lubrication, reducers and recent ties when grades 75W-90 and 80W-90 are recommended by the builder. This 100% synthesis oil allows answering to many boxes requirements, reducers and ties. Developed to face severe requirements about high solicited and used during competition transmission. Properties and advantages: viscosity particularly stable in service (100% synthesis). Friction coefficient amazingly weak. Extreme pressure and antiwear amazing properties. Totally compatible with every components (including joints). Optimum and immediate lubrication on every season. Allows a huge safe of fuel. Lubricated organs longevity assured. PERFORMANCES API GL-5. BVX 1000 outperforms widely performances indicated above.
(Code: 91425)
YACCO AVX1000 2T 1 liter
16.60 €
AVX 1000 oil 2t 100% synthesis. 100% synthesis oil developed to answer aircraft engine builders’ requirements. Particularly adapted to 2t engines, with both injection and carburetor, including those used in really severe conditions (competition, schooling, banner towing, …) Properties: - Synthetics ester bases bringing an amazing resistance to high temperature to prevent clamping risks. – Reduces the exhaust pipe, lights and piston coking. – Pre diluted diluent assuring instantaneous miscibility and really stable in the fuel – Amazing smoke-suppressant performances – Low ashes content preventing the deposit formation in the combustion chamber – Low pour point allowing using until really low temperatures – Change the oil color in blue – 1L can
(Code: 91426)
Anti-seize tube YACCO 100 grammes
28.15 €
Anti-seize tube YACCO Allows an easiest disassembly, protects in a permanent way against rust and corrosion caused by the bad weather, the heat and chemical agents. Suits to the greasing of exhausts' patellas and on the spark plugs' thread to avoid any seizing. Resists against temperatures of 1,100° C. 100 grams tube.
(Code: 91428)
YACCO AVX500 4T 2 liters
30.00 €
Yacco oil AVX 500 4t half synthesis. Developed to answer aircrafts engine builders requirements. Particularly adapted to 4t engines atmospheric or turbo compressed provided with hydraulic push including those used in severe using conditions (schooling, banner towing, …) Exclusive formulation allowing answering to integrated reducers and couple limiters requirements. Specification: API SL – Advantages: amazing oil stability on high temperature – Dispersive properties reinforced to avoid the deposit formation – Adapted and recommended for engines which work with lead or unleaded gasoline. 2L can – Unit weight: 1.950 kg
(Code: 91428-1000)
YACCO AVX1000 4T 10W40 2 liters
32.00 €
AVX1000 oil 4t 10W40 100% half-synthesis to detergent additives and reinforced anti-wear answering to Rotax requirement, especially while using unleaded gasoline 98 and 100LL – 2L can – Not available yet
(Code: 91428-60)
YACCO AVX500 4T prix fût 60 litres
745.46 €
Yacco oil AVX 500 4T SAE 15W-50 half synthesis. 60L can price. Flat-rate price 29.90€ ATI for Metropolitan France.
(Code: 91430)
MVX competition 4 stroke - 2 liters
43.00 €
MVX competition 4t, oil for engine badly ventilated (propulsive) fits for autogyro with 4t engines. 2L – Weight: 1.950 kg
(Code: 91431-00)
Pack intermediate drain ROTAX 912
74.50 €
Intermediate drain pack 100hours for ROTAX 912 Oil filter 912/914 (Quantity: 1,000) YACCO AVX500 4T (10W40) - The 2 liters canister (quantity 2,000) Drain seal Oil tank 912 (Quantity: 1,000)
(Code: 91434)
YACCO BVX LS 1000 bidon 2 litres
48.50 €
YACCO BVX LS 1000 2L bottle. The Yacco oil BVX LS 1000 75W140 is a 100% synthesis oil, long term for gearbox and ties strongly biased. This lubricant also fits to BTP and RAC class 6 helicopters. Specification API GL5/GL4, LS (limited sliding), SCANIA STO 1:0, ZF TE-ML 05B/12B. Each – Weight: 2 kg
(Code: 91435)
Cooling liquid Evans NP
97.10 €
The non-aqueous Evans NPG+ cooling system offers a more efficient cooling, an ebullition point extremely high, a freezing point really low, protection against corrosion, unlimited lifetime (no need to renew every two years). Moreover, it operates on a minimum or zero pressure, which improves safety in case of leakage during flight. This cooling system is recommended by Rotax for engines which reach high temperature ranges. Weight: 1 gallon, that is 3,79L
(Code: 91451)
LOCTITE 8201 lubricant 5 funtions
25.27 €
LOCTITE 8201 lubricant 5 functions: Unjam, lubricate, clean, hunt humidity, anti-corrosion. 400 ml bottle
(Code: 91452)
LOCTITE 8101 grease lubricant
35.93 €
LOCTITE 8101 is a lubricant for channels which had elevated adhesive properties. It is used to grease open mechanism, so as chains, gears, steel cable and leadscrew. 400 ml bottle