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Engine tools

(Code: 60313)
43.00 €
Battery tester and simple charging system, portable and easy to use for every kind of vehicle (or exterior equipment) equipped with a 12V start-up battery. No demounting, no tools. Connect the tiny TestMate to the terminals of the battery and turn the contact key or push the start-up button. Battery’s strength and charging system functioning can be controlled quickly without getting your hands dirty! The tiny TestMate is more than just a voltmeter. It indicates falls of voltage on a really fast way during start-up – The best indication about a battery capacity to provide power when the motor needs it. Motor on, it checks that the charging system voltage is correctly settled for the battery, and if it can bring it back to full charge. This is what this pocket tester is capable of: 1- Battery voltage control – it voltage at rest indicates the battery health – 2- Start-up power control – A red zone result indicates there is a problem – 3- Vehicle charging system control – Is it where the problem come from ?
(Code: 60314)
Optimate 3 charger 12 volts
84.12 €
OptiMate V 12V charger – OptiMate 5 : The new reference – Optimizer with unique diagnostic for lead-acid battery 12V until 50Ah, sealed type “MF”, gel or conventional, with caps. Its styled and protected box, its led information board qui attracts the eyes are just a preview of the New Reference. As every model before it, OptiMate 5 can recover other “forgotten” batteries. Now it is handled by microprocessor and is more efficient, thanks to the new recuperation TURBO mode. Batteries less affected will lead to the automatic activation of the RECOVERY mode, whereas harder case will be treated by the TURBO recovering mode. As every OptiMate products, the OptiMate5 reloads the battery then, checks it is well reloaded as well as it can be, then checks a control to find any out of service cells.
(Code: 60314-02)
Optimate 3 charger 12 volts
60.90 €
OptiMate 2 – 12V – 100% automatic. 3 years warranty – Fits to charge lithium battery. Extend lifetime and improves 12V, 96 Ah. SAE-71 accessory included to connect easily OptiMate2 to the battery even with negative temperature. Evaluates the battery on 100% with no overloading, and provides energy to the antitheft alarm, display, dashboard. Perfect for back up alimentation applications, the program goes on an interactive dashboard to the full charge mode if it detects a high rate in the battery.
(Code: 60314-03)
Optimate 3 charger 12 volts
134.90 €
Lithium OptiMate TM, the first OptiMate which protects your LifePO4 battery like no other charger can do! The new OptiMate lithium battery charger protects your investment and warranties announced performance of your lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4 / LFP) for a very long time. With a 5A available charging current, the exclusive program with multiple stapes ampmaticTM from OptiMate reloads and equilibrates the cells of the battery, on a fast and efficient way. Lithium OptiMate maintain program provides power to the electronic circuit of the vehicle, protecting the battery and maintaining the load to 100%. OptiMate lithium – Battery Performance Warranted. The protection mode safeT° controls the load on this fragile step of reloading the battery, to make sure the unload battery reloads on a normal way, to determine if the battery has been reloaded and can pass on a principal reload mode.
(Code: 60314-04)
OPTIMATE 6 Charger
111.08 €
(Code: 60317)
Charger: grommet cord
6.00 €
Connecting bead with eyelet and fuse
(Code: 60318)
Support charger jack cigar-lig
34.98 €
Plug support 12 V + bead with eyelet and fuse
(Code: 60321)
180.00 €
Tester allowing you to check the status of VRLA / GEL / AGM battery and SLI Standard from 2 to 200 Ah. It indicates you, once the test is made, the life and the battery power status.
(Code: 60324)
Extension load cord
10.90 €
Extension load cord - 2,50m
(Code: 60325)
Terminal DIN-std cord +ci.ligh
17.90 €
Terminal DIN- Standard + Cigar lighter plus
(Code: 60326)
840.00 €
OptiMate PRO 100% automatic. TO all kinds of lead-acid 12V battery. A precious time earned in the workshop. Soft and protected, 100% sure. This can optimize 8 batteries. Evaluates, retrieves, loads and tests every lead-acid battery, MF and GEL type included. Constant power and voltage. 2 years warranty delimited.
(Code: 60333-M5)
syncro syncromat AdapM5 or M-6
12.60 €
Flexi rigid adapter M5
(Code: 60333-M6)
syncro syncromat AdapM5 or M-6
12.60 €
Flexi rigid adapter M6
(Code: 60340)
Rotax engine adapter 4T
20.50 €
Adapter allowing the link between Carbmate, Twinmax and Synchromate with 912 and 912S rotax motor 100 mm outfit. For the Carbmate synchronization: - Do not cut the flexible diam 10 mm – Unplug the tube to one of the connector and plug a tube from the Carbmate directly. The other Carbmate tube must be linked to the unplugged carburator through the 10 mm tube connecting. (See the picture)
(Code: 60379)
digital multimeter
34.02 €
(Code: 60413)
Ignition mate
406.00 €
IgnitionMate Kit : this is an oscilloscope, pus the convenient part. The most popular tool of the recreational vehicle industry to repair faults, especially those from the commanded start-up circuit (Transistor, CDI, tape recorder, platinum screws). No demounting needed – Find safely and quickly the wrong piece or the bad contact. Fast profitability thanks to the gain of time: no more changing useless pieces. This tool was specifically created to detect faults happening in the front start-up system. Every demounting would be useless. The best definition of the IgnitionMate is the following one: “Universal device allowing you to measure a signal between two points of the circuit at the same time – Primary or secondary – in order to locate the faults”. The primary circuit is the one which goes from the battery to the entry of the coil; the secondary circuit is the one which goes from the outfit of the coil to the spark plug. Except for obvious case, we recommend to use IgnitionMate from upstream to downstream, which means from the battery to the spark plus cable. Principals characteristics: Selector 10/40/400 V (primary circuit) – Selector 10/20/40kV (secondary circuit) – Double display including one of them settable, used to measure the alternative power (sparks), whereas the other one, limited to 20kV, allows a changeover from a setting to another one. The spark power function is not a measure function but it is a comparative function between cylinders, as well as a viewing of the signal stability. This operation can be operated with an inducing clamp, mass clip disconnected. Being able to measure the power in very useful in the following case: Even if a tension is measured, there may not have any, which means there is no “arc” between electrodes and the spark plug, so there is no start-up. This can be done on the entire cable or just on a part of it. The poorer the mix will be, the less stable the spark current will be. IgnitionMate may give
(Code: 62320)
Carburator syncronizer
410.77 €
Digital synchroniser for 2 carburetors - 2m long cable - Dimensions: L134 x W129 x H61 mm