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(Code: 61375-03)
LED lamp STROBE shaped
420.00 €
LED Strobe profiled lamp with red position lamp
(Code: 61189-N)
Dome replacement SL3N
13.10 €
Replacement dome for Strobe SL3N lamp - Weight: 20 gr
(Code: 61351)
Led strobe
182.57 €
LED Strobe with platinum diam 53 mm - Total height: 43 mm
(Code: 61375-01)
LED lamp STROBE shaped
220.00 €
LED Strobe profiled lamp with red position lamp
(Code: 61375-04)
Hemera Strobes Kit
530.00 €
The Hemera LED strobes real light power can be compared to the best Xenon strobes available. The innovating Ray Light technology enables a low consumption regarding the constant amperage supply.
(Code: 61380-00)
Kit of 2 LED Strobes with fire
720.29 €
Kit of wings' strobe whelen Microburst. It contain 2 lamps and red and green position fire. More light than Xenon lamps, not noise and less consommation. Length: 116 mm Width: 41 mm height: 36 mm Weight: 190 gr. by pair Fire position: 0.2 Amps Fire strobe: 1.2 Amps Number of flash: 45± 5/min Fuse protection of 2A (Sold separately)
(Code: 61380-01)
Mono LED Strobes with white light
529.96 €
Mono LED Strobe – Could work as flash or fixed light. Led lamp: 0.15 A – LED Strobe: 0.80 A 45 Flash / minute – Weight: 0.07 gr – Protection by 2A fuse (sold separately)