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Manual of microlight pilot 15h Edi
45.00 €
Aircraft pilot guidebook 11th edition. Progressive, educational, guarantor of a successful teaching because efficient and gratifying, this guidebook presents you the theoretical, technical and practical, knowledge and expertise needed...
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Flying on your own wings French
28.50 €
(-40.00%) 17.10 €
French version Chris Heintz is an aeronautical engineer with a 50 years career in designing and construction of light aircrafts. Recognized in the entire world like a talented and accomplished developer ...
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Build his(her,its) light plane or i
28.00 €
To build his own aircraft. This technical book is destined to everyone who pilot or wish to build a metallic conception aircraft. This adventure can’t be lived without a minimum of technical knowledges and building advices. This is what this book proposes through photos and many illustrations which allow the next builder to have a better apprehension of this activity. The editorial is destined to an audience which is already familiarized with technical vocabulary. Many boxes spangle the book to attract reader’s attention on particular points of the building. There is no need to be a technician in aeronautic to immerge in reading this booklet. At the mercy of pages, amateur builders will be able to avoid many pitfalls and to undertake the plane’s building in the biggest serenity. Every chapter is complemented by drawings realized by the author in order to have a better understanding of some paragraph. Anyway, such a practical and indispensable book for every person who want to launch into the construction of an aircraft.
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The Summary of the microlight pilot
30.00 €
This third edition of « Precis du pilote ULM et avion léger » stayed faithful to qualities which made their success : provide to the future pilot, just like the patented pilot, a basic and easy to use work. In that direction ...
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VFR phraseology Guide - 7th ed
20.00 €
VFR phraseology guide – 4th edition. Phraseology is one of the most important elements of the aerial safety. This is the transmission support of data and clearance, fundamental for the smooth running of your flight...
(Code: 90102)
Paramotor guide
35.00 €
The paramotor guide
(Code: 90103-1)
The autogyro, from theory to the pr
29.00 €
The author invites you, in the first chapter dedicated to mechanic, to discover the autogyro in every details, from the wheel to the rear wheel, studying the calculation of motorization necessary to the device you want to realize...
(Code: 90109)
Manual 11th Edition gliding pilot
38.00 €
Gliding pilot handbook 11th edition. This book, regularly updated, is the base element of the formation method of planners’ pilot. It presents every knowledge and expertise needed to get the Planner Pilot License and its extensions. Conceived to link theory and practice, it follows your progression, from the first flight until the canopy flight above campaign. It has been realized with the help of Centres Nationaux de Vol à Voile de La Montagne Noire et de Saint-Auban. After a full inventory of needed knowledge for a pilot, it has been redirected and illustrated by three instructors pilots from the Service de la Formation Aéronautique et du Contrôle Technique: - Gabriel Chenevoy, trainer, pilot chief, high level competitor, then test pilot – Jean Michel Thellier, instructors trainer, high level competitor, then airline pilot - Robert Prat, instructors trainer, pilot chief, high level competitor. 324 pages
(Code: 90111)
Dictionary of ultralight air sports
7.01 €
This is a dictionary destined to everybody who takes care of aircrafts, hang glider and paragliding, for amateur pilots, competitors, instructors, journalists, competition organizer and globe trotters of the flight without strain...
(Code: 90112)
Technical aeronautics dictionary
26.00 €
The previous edition of this book gave both the French and English public the possibility to initiate to many modern technologies linked to the increasing development of both aeronautic and spatial industries. It is updated, seen and enriched of hundreds of words and expressions which will facilitate the technician and translator keen on aeronautics and space job. As a recap, this aeronautic technical dictionary can only answer to people who just want to improve their knowledge about the amazing and evolving world of the aeronautics and space.
(Code: 90113)
Draw me a plane!
26.00 €
(Code: 90115)
Understand for a better … 6th ed
26.00 €
(-30.00%) 18.20 €
(Code: 90118)
La radio en VFR (Avion, ULM)
17.01 €
Autogyro and its technic - Weight: 200 gr - Each
(Code: 90120)
Principes du vol de l'ULM multiaxe
27.01 €
This only happen to others! Volume 2. Instructor in aero club and amateur builder of a RV-4, Denis Rolando-Eugio gives importance, in this book, to analyze many aeronautics incidents or accidents (plane, planner, aircraft) ...
(Code: 90124)
Piloter un Pendulaire
22.01 €
The Petit précis de navigation à l'usage des pilotes ULM - While stock last
(Code: 90125)
Helicopter elementary theory
36.00 €
This initiation to the helicopter is a real first. Complexes functional aspects of this device are explained easily, thanks to a succession of colorful images supported by an attractive text. This guidebook is addressed by to a large public: curious, neophyte or specialists (pilots, engineers, mechanics, aeronautics teachers.) For the most curious, this is a surprising and exciting discovery. For the neophyte, this is the essential and sure base which will allow him going further in the helicopter knowledge. Thereby “théorie élémentaire de l’hélicoptère” is the tool future pilots and technicians have always wanted. For the specialist, this is both a reference publication and a back to basics. The author, who used to be responsible of the “education” department of the helicopter division of EUROCOPTER society, gives us the synthesis of its long theoretical experience and use of helicopters. “Théorie élémentaire de l’hélicoptère” is used by the company EUROCOPTER to train pilots and technicians of its military and private customers.
(Code: 90129)
Mastering the paramotor - 5th Editi
26.00 €
This book must help future aircraft pilots, candidate to the theoretical exam aircraft common core, preparing and especially succeeding this test no matter the class he intends to and the selected option: pilot or trainer...
(Code: 90133)
Mallette private airplane pilot - F
75.00 €
Private pilot briefcase – 17th edition. Progressive, pedagogic, warrant of a successful teaching, this guidebook presents you theoretical, technical, useful and essential data, knowledge and practice necessary. This book is really useful and necessary to the student-pilot who will find a reference support, reliable and experienced. It also is a safety tool for the teacher. It is a relevant way to maintain knowledges and skills for the already patented pilot. In this 17th edition, regulations changes linked to the SERA (the new European Standard of the Air Regulation) are taken care of. The guidebook is structured in seven phases in a way to make easier the acquiring of knowledge progressively during progression, but taking into account the organization of the theoretical exam, syllabus relating to the “common” test are marked in order to facilitate the review on knowledge about an exam or another. The booklet of progression, included in the briefcase (see details downer) of the student, used to include a poster allowing measuring the pedagogic progression of the student; we added a new table called “Progression control” leaving the instructor the liberty to choose the formula, the support, which fits better to him. The briefcase also includes synthetic cards made with reinforced paper, making the knowledge assimilation easier: a four pages weather reminder and a card Preparing and managing your flight. The index wealth is a precious help: - for the student, allow an efficient learning and review work – For the teacher, makes his research easier. The figures table is a second precious tool; we find in there 544 figures.
(Code: 90133-01)
101.00 €
The briefcase duo ppl: The plane pilot guidebook 17th ed. + Steering lessons 4th ed.