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(Code: 20241-01)
Lexan antistatic cleaner
38.90 €
Antistatic cleaner windshields Lexan - sold in 1 litter bottles.
(Code: 20242-01)
Polishing Creme n°1 in Lexan
42.00 €
Polish Cream 1 for eliminating external light scratches and restores the original shine and transparency of Lexan windshield. It is recommended use after applying the cream polish n°2 (Ref: 20242-02) Bottle of 1 Kg
(Code: 20242-02)
Polishing Creme 2 for Lexan
43.00 €
Finishing Agent n° 2 - To apply after the action of the cream n° 1 (Ref: 20242-01) 1 Kg Bottle.
(Code: 21160-F7)
Metal polish grade F7 (520gr)
103.50 €
Grade F7 NuShine polish cream, regenerates aluminium and other steels surfaces, and removes the corrosions caused by the light leaving a thin coat of protection and recovering the original bright. 0.520 kg
(Code: 21160-IIC)
Metal polish grade IIC
86.09 €
Grade C NuShine polish cream, removes the oxidization on aluminium and other steels surfaces, leaving a thin coat of protection and recovering the original bright. 0.520 kg
(Code: 21160-IIS)
Metal polish grade IIS
79.49 €
Grade S NuShine polish cream, finishing product for aluminium and other steels surfaces, leaving a thin coat of protection and recovering the original bright.
(Code: 21167)
Polishing paste for metal TRIOMF
21.40 €
Polishing paste for metal TRIOMF
(Code: 91340)
VULCANET aviation kit
45.00 €
(-10.00%) 40.50 €
(Code: 91368)
Carburetor cleaner injector
21.70 €
Cleaning carburetor – injector. Preventive and curative action. Allow struggling against the carburetor or injector fouling on gasoline engine. Eliminate oxide scale, gums and varnish.
(Code: 91401)
Multi Cleaner concentrated 1L
17.05 €
Concentrated multi cleaner (1L), without phosphate: for domestic, industrial and agricultural use. Acts against grease, resins, big fouling, wine spots, algae, nicotine, pencils and pens traces, and asphalt. Can also be applied on glass, ceramic, plastic, wood, steel but also on really dirty or filthy hands. Rinse your hands with water after using. Tiny fouling: dilute 1 cl in 1l of water. Big fouling: do not dilute and let them act 2 or 3 minutes. Be careful, on some surfaces, lacquered or painted, make previously a test on a hidden part. Respect well precautions for use because this is both an antibacterial and a disinfectant product which contain substances which can be harmful, especially in contact with eyes. Do not swallow.
(Code: 91432)
5L hand washer
45.20 €
Wash hand soap - Gel in 5L box
(Code: 91449)
LOCTITE 7235 brake cleaner
21.96 €
LOCTITE brake cleaning, quickly erases dirt, grease, oil and deposit. Dry really quickly and do not leave any traces. Using: lining, plates, drum-brakes, brake discs, clutch,… Not recommended to clean plastics components. 600 ml
(Code: 91450)
LOCTITE 7039 contact cleaner
48.53 €
LOCTITE cleaning contact cleans and protects all kind of electric components. Neutral according to components, no grease, dry in 1 minute. Can be used on every electric contact: pins, connectors, pods, beams, terminals, fuses, jack plugs on every type of electric, electronic device and every component which could be in contact with humidity. 400 ml
(Code: 91453)
LOCTITE 7850 Hand cream
21.40 €
LOCTITE cleaning cream for hands. Manufactured with citrus fruit barks. Biodegradable. Contains pumice stone powder for a deep cleaning and softening agent for the skin. May be used without water and leave no grass foil. Dissolves dirty, grease, oils, asphalt, glues, inks, etc… 400 ml bottle.
(Code: 91454)
LOCTITE 7840 cleaner-degreasing
32.89 €
LOCTITE cleaning – degreaser. Cleans every surfaces and takes off dust, oil and grease traces. It can be diluted with water to satisfy cleaning multiple operations. 750 ml spray