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Anti-collisions & Flarms

(Code: 64110)
Anti-collision and Moving Map
10,567.10 €
Your safety is our goal n°1. The CDTI-2000 has been conceived to help you during your flight and understanding the exceptional position, surrounding relief and circulation you’re in, so that you could take appropriate measures to avoid dangerous situation.
(Code: 64101)
Anti-collision TM250 Filser
1,121.00 €
The TM250: Anti-collision, this is the best surveillance solution, which combines Mode S, ADS-B and FLARM in one single unit. The high-receptor encodes relative position from other devices, displays it on the screen, with the horizontal and vertical direction of their movement. This includes an instantaneous of the traffic situation...
(Code: 64101-02)
Câblage TM 250 vers transpondeur
89.80 €
TM250 cabling to the transponder. Please specify the model when ordering - The TM250 is not suitable with GARMIN transponders, it generates malfunctions.