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Anti-collisions & Flarms

(Code: 64110)
Anti-collision and Moving Map
10,567.10 €
Your safety is our objective n°1. The CDTI-2000 has been conceived to help you during your flight and understanding the exceptional position, surrounding relief and circulation you’re in, so that you could take appropriate measures to avoid dangerous situation. This integrated solution maintains your space panel so that you could still enjoy a Moving Map GPS commodity. To know the field, CDTI-2000 com compares your highness with the elevation data of the actual position recorded in the data base. Field and obstacles (not available for every country) are represented on the color screen according to your actual highness and the position. Orientation airport and other navigation help in your vicinity are displayed. For the navigation, the CDTI-2000 can display your position on many numeric graphics bitmap. In standard configuration, VFR maps are included. Approach maps also exist which allow to easily determine your position in the approach circuit. Personalized graphics and boards can easily be settled and displayed on the screen. The airplane capacity to receive aerial traffic data from other airplanes and systems based on the ground should be part of the future system of aerial circulation. ADS-B is a surveillance technic in which airplanes transmit their position data through the broadcast canal, this is a link for using in the air or on the ground from the user. TIS-B is defined as a radio diffusion system in which surveillance data are received and transmitted to an airlifted system. CDTI-2000 is able to treat ADS-B and TIS-B, rapports received through the respective data link (VDL mode 4 and mode S 1090ES) and to display this data on the screen. Seeing other airplanes is possible in a display mode dedicated or not, or in an integrated presentation collaborating with field and navigation functions. Our CDTI-2000 is certified for ETSO-C113 and C147. Dimensions: 114 x 146 x 185 mm – Weight: 2 kg
(Code: 64101)
Anti-collision TM250 Filser
1,108.24 €
The TM250: Anti-collision, this is the best surveillance solution, which combines Mode S, ADS-B and FLARM in one single unit. The high-receptor encodes relative position from other devices, displays it on the screen, with the horizontal and vertical direction of their movement. This includes an instantaneous of the traffic situation. Airplanes equipped with Mode S transponder which don’t emit ADS-B message are also recognized their approach is signaled on an audio and seeable way. The TM250 integrates a GPS receptor and can transmit the positions data through a supplementary serial interface to an ABS-B mode S transponder. This is how we make a complete ADS-B system, which allows both receiving and transmitting position data through the ADS-B and contributes to a safe flight. Nowadays, many gliders are equipped with systems known as FLARM to avoid collisions. Through a serial interface, an external receptor FLARM can be plugged to the TM250, which allows indicating both the position and the direction of planes on the screen. If the device doesn’t integrate such a FLARM receptor connected to the TM250, the plane would still be detected by other planes which own FLARM system. Built in diam: 57 mm – Dimensions: 65 x 65 x 100 mm – Weight: 300g – Supply system: 13,8V DC (9V DC… 33V DC) Amperage: inf to 250 mA GPS (BNC) 1090 MHz/FLARM
(Code: 64101-02)
Câblage TM 250 vers transpondeur
89.80 €
TM250 cabling to the transponder. Please specify the model when ordering - The TM250 is not suitable with GARMIN transponders, it generates malfunctions.