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(Code: 62078-00)
Eclipse Fly Box IFIS - Integrated F
1,438.80 €
The standard Oblò, the most compact on the market : Flybox introduce 'Standard Oblò': Altitude indicator and main flying data on an instrument with a diameter of 80mm, compact and light. Designed like a complete instrument, ideal for everyone who already have an EFIS, for seconding other instruments. In other words, it gives you all information necessary to fly, in an instrument with a diameter of 80mm. (3.125'). Main flying characteristics: Artificial horizon Anemometer in Km/h or Knots Altimeter in meters ou FT G-mter Compass and GPS traking Compass atmospheric pressure in InHg an hPa Coordinator of turn/ball... Technical characteristics : Dimensions 83x83x61mm Weight: 300g Tempereture in fonctionning: -20~ +70°C Supply voltage: 0.26 A Connector D-SUB 15 for supply Luminosity: 1000 lumens, adjustable USB port for software updates Communication port CAN and RS232 Comes with an USB cable and a connector to be mounted by yourself + Fixation screws for instruments. The branching cable for Oblò allows to connect the supply, GPS and USB. mounted cable, sold separately Ref: 62078-01 Connectors are sold separately
(Code: 62078-02)
Eclipse Fly Box IFIS - Integrated F
1,653.60 €
Flybox presents 'Oblò P/A’ : attitude indicator and principal flight data in a 80 mm diameter instrument (3.125’) compact and light with automatic pilot. PA because it integrates the ability to connect an automatic pilot (vertical or horizontal interface and servos sold separately), function not predicted on the standard Oblò which will need activation key. Ref: 62078-04. The Oblò PA, as the standard, is easy to use, settles in 80 mm diam for a win of place with a 300g ultralight weight. This instrument still combines principals flight tools and still is practical to use, no problem with the brightness and the visibility of the dial in the sun. The device is regularly improved with updates, most of them are free, by USB connection. Principal flight characteristics: Artificial horizon – Km/h or knots anemometer – Meter or ft altimeter – G meter variometer – Compass and GPS tracking – Compass – Atmospheric pressure in InHg and hPa – Bead / Turn coordinator – Technical characteristics: Dimensions: 83 x 83 x 61 mm – Weight: 300g – Functioning temperature: -20~+70°C – Functioning tension: 10 ~20 VDC – Supply power: 0.26A – D-SUB 15 connectors for supply – Brightness: 1000 lights, USB port setting for software updates – Communication Port CAN and RS232. Plugin cable for Oblò allows connecting the supply system, GPS and USB. Ref: 62078-03. Sold separately – Vertical automatic pilot interface Ref: 62078-05 or horizontal Ref: 62078-06 and digital servo Ref 62078-07. Sold separately. Video: tests to realize on the ground to settle your Oblò.
(Code: 61200-00)
Micro EFIS IFD Ø 57 mm
588.00 €
(Code: 64105)
Mini EFIS BFI57 for Funweerk
1,008.00 €
The tiny EFIS BFI57 displays the most important flight data. Conceived for an ultralight application, it includes pressure sensors in order to determinate altitude, speed and rise / raid rate and a GPS integrated receiver which allows the ground trajectory determination, as well as its actual situation and the ground speed. The BFI57 may be used as a minimum flight instrument or like a back-up device, when combined with classics or cockpit’s instrument. In case of loss of power or main instruments malfunction, this device helps you to keep flying. The integrated battery assures a 3h independent functioning. Both air and rise / raid speed are displayed with alphanumerical form and bar graphs. The air speed indicator presents the required color marks (this can be set). Every display options can easily be adapted to the pilot’s preference, according to the type of airplane. QNH can be manually settled or automatically use the GPS if the official information is not available. Every display data are planned for a serial interface. With magnetic compass, it represents a complete instrumentalization of the complete base. Built-in diam 57 mm – Dimensions 65 x 65 x 110 mm – Weight 500g – Supply system 12V – Anemometer – Km or nots display: 0-400 km/h or 0-200KT – Altimeter – Meter or feet display: 300-10000 M or 1000-30000 ft – Variometer – m/s or ft/min display
(Code: 61250-80)
Kanardia HORIS PFD Display
1,188.00 €
(Code: 62078-01)
Eclipse Fly Box IFIS - Integrated F
82.80 €
Cable for standard Flybox Oblò. The plugin cable for standard Oblò allows to connect the supply, GPS and USB.
(Code: 62078-03)
Eclipse Fly Box IFIS - Integrated F
360.46 €
Cabling for Oblò P/A The plugin cable for Oblò P/A allows connecting the Oblò to a vertical or horizontal piloting interface and 2 servos interface. Cable with a push switch to disengage the automatic pilot and a cable for the external GPS.
(Code: 62078-04)
Eclipse Fly Box IFIS - Integrated F
240.00 €
Activation key to transform the standard Oblò into P/A Oblò
(Code: 62078-05)
Eclipse Fly Box IFIS - Integrated F
420.00 €
Vertical automatic pilot interface for Oblò P/A - (Oblò P/A - Ref: 62078-02)
(Code: 62078-06)
Eclipse Fly Box IFIS - Integrated F
420.00 €
Horizontal automatic pilot interface for Oblò P/A - (Ref: 62078-02)
(Code: 62078-07)
Eclipse Fly Box IFIS - Integrated F
1,018.80 €
Digital servo for automatic pilot Oblò P/A. Delivered with a replacement connector and fixation screws. Weight: 0.770 g – Sold by unit (Oblò P/A – Ref : 62078-02)
(Code: 62078-08)
Eclipse Fly Box IFIS - Integrated F
118.80 €
GPS module allowing to correct automatically the magnetic declination and make the compass calibration. It can be used when you can’t connect the Oblò to a GPS with NMEA output.
(Code: 62078-09)
Mini EIS FLYBOX - Engine Informatio
142.80 €
Back up battery for tiny standard Oblò or Oblò P/A
(Code: 62078-10)
Eclipse Fly Box IFIS - Integrated F
708.00 €
Supplementary screen for Oblò allowing to display different information or for a tandem using