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(Code: 20208)
Control cable fairings - pair
12.07 €
Control cable fairings thermoformed ABS. Length 105 mm and height 32 mm Weight: 25 g - Pair
(Code: 20711-00)
Windshield seal 0° (40x3,5) - meter
10.69 €
Windshield seal 0° (40x3,5) - sold by meter. Seal for windshield, allow a sealing of this one with the hull. Maximum windshield thickness of 3.55 mm, seal height: 40mm
(Code: 20712)
Rubber profile (14x10x3mm)
4.66 €
Profile of rigid protection in reinforced in metal rubber (14 x 10 x 3.5) - Sod by meter
(Code: 20713)
rubber profile (16x10x5mm)
4.69 €
Profile of rigid protectionmade with rubber reinforced with metal (16 x 10 x 5) - Sold by meter
(Code: 20718)
Sticker sound insulator 10mm
58.61 €
Engine covers, trunks and cabins' sticker sound insulator. In polyurethane open cell foam, its visible face is in anthracite coloured and the adhesive face is covered by a white polyethylene protector. One meter width.
(Code: 20729)
Security gasket dashboard
15.59 €
Gasket for security assembled generally on the dashboard's angle
(Code: 20730-04)
Teknofibra® sound absorbing self-adhesive
146.00 €
This unique Teknofibra® product for acoustic control is combined with excellent thermal properties and easy fit self adhesive glue.

Ideal for use to limit noise from engine rooms, boilers, compressors, hydraulics etc where acoustic, heat and fire control is required.
(Code: 30242)
Hook in S shape for tension adjuste
0.90 €
Stainless steel hook in S shape for tension adjuster
(Code: 30327)
avional plate with two holes
5.03 €
Avional plate aluminum polished holes 2 6/8, 3 mm thick.
(Code: 30336)
Tube's threaded end 25 x 1.5
4.27 €
M6 threaded end for tube diameter 25 x 1.5. Allows the tail assembly weedhopper kind, Cheetah, etc.
(Code: 30369)
Stainless clip for Sandow 6mm
0.37 €
Special clip to stop properly the bungee cords. Easily and permanently replaces the burning and binding on that do not prevent a cut bungee cord from fraying.
(Code: 30420)
Lath tip tube diam 19mm
0.70 €
Lath tip for tubes of diameter 19 x 1 mm, used in the Weedhopper airplanes. Lenght 45 mm.
(Code: 30421-F)
Lath tip with fork
0.40 €
Lath tip for tubes of diameter 10 x 1mm, used in the delta wings.
(Code: 30421-P)
Flat lath tip
0.40 €
Lath tip for tubes of diameter 10 x 1 mm, used in delta wings.
(Code: 30453)
Nylon bearing 20x25mm height 15mm
3.55 €
Self-lubricating nylon bearing 66, with union. Perfect to make turn or spin an axis
(Code: 30454)
Bearing 25x30 mm height 30 mm
3.54 €
Self-lubricating nylon bearing 66, with union. Perfect to make turn or spin an axis
(Code: 30463)
40mm tube clamp support
9.89 €
40mm tube clamp support with
(Code: 30617)
Piano wire 1.45 mm - the meter
0.66 €
Piano wire 1.45 mm - Sold by meter
(Code: 30618)
Greaser M8 180 °
1.87 €