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Helmet accessories

(Code: 80115-10)
Jelly earpiece option
39.00 €
(Code: 80115-11)
Carbon shell option
99.00 €
(Code: 80115-15)
Sunvisor cap
117.58 €
(Code: 80129)
Pilot System Visor
104.40 €
(Code: 80135)
gel pads for helmet Lynx
65.26 €
Pair of pad gel comfort for LYNX helmet
(Code: 80137)
Helmet Goggles
160.56 €
Authentic MARK 49 glasses, with a brass frame and handed sewn edge. Glasses are destined to be used with a leather helmet which provides a classic look WWII style.
(Code: 80149)
Chinrest LYNX
65.26 €
Chin strap for LYNX. Visor extender. Screws are not provided
(Code: 80150-11)
Jump wind chin support
59.00 €
(Code: 80150-G)
Windscreen Lynx 37 mm
13.86 €
Anti-wind moonraker LYNX - 37 mm
(Code: 80150-P)
Windscreen Lynx 25mm
13.20 €
Anti-wind moonraker LYNX - 25 mm
(Code: 80164)
Kit visor helmet fastenings for U
15.10 €
Visor screws for AVIAJET or TZ helmet
(Code: 80239)
cover to jack (black)
35.54 €
Cover for Jack (black). If the space on the panel is rare or if you prefer locating jacks earrings on an easier way, this accommodation is perfect. Built to settle on every flat surface. Aluminum submitted to a thermal treatment with a black finishing. (Jack not included) Weight: 29 gr (75x90x25 mm)
(Code: 80242)
Aircraft-type replacement cable
81.00 €
Replacement cable to replace the headset and the aviation helmet in Mono sound
(Code: 80243)
Foam kit and comfort pad
19.50 €
Moss and pad comfort kit for Peltor or Alphatec helmet
(Code: 80244)
ICOM connection cable
28.94 €
Connection cable ICOM with 0° plug