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(Code: 62074-00)
VIGILUS FLYBOX - Engine Informatio
1,428.00 €
VIGILUS Fly Box for 912/914 motor (delivered without sensor)
(Code: 62080-00)
Eclipse Fly Box IFIS - Integrated F
3,240.00 €
IFIS Fly Box Eclipse for 912 / 914 motor (delivered without sensor). EFIS allows a complete management of every settings of the motor. There are 28 functions in only one device; the color screen is really seeable. The clear and compact arrangement of information make this device the one and only in its category. Flight principals characteristics: Artificial horizon / Altimeter (m or ft) / Air speed indicator (km/h) or variometer (m/s or Ft/min) / VSG G (m with maxi compass) / Atmospheric pressure / 3 video inputs for color cameras / Vocal checklist / GPS receptor included / Audio intercom output / Turning coordinator / Data recording bead. Motor principal characteristics: EIS displays data from the motor, fuel, and other functions: MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) Oil pressure indicator / Oil temperature indicator / 6 entries fuel indicator CHT / EGT voltmeter. For your safety, when an instrument reaches the limit, it is possible to activate a visual and sonic alarm (audio output) / OAT (Outside Air Temperature): measures the outside air temperature CAT (Carburetor, AIrbos Air Temperature): measures the system and the carburetor temperature. Fuel indicator computer: measures the fuel rate, toughness, the rest of fuel, the burned fuel, the range and the destination tank. It is possible to activate 3 alarms for the rest of fuel, the time before resupply, and the possibility to balance tanks. Ammeter 4 entries for fuel level sensors / 3 entries video color camera / Battery tension / Battery charge / Data recording function
(Code: 62074-04)
'Digital Altimeter 2 1/4'''
264.00 €
Cabling for tiny EIS Eclisse
(Code: 62074-05)
'Digital Altimeter 2 1/4'''
83.88 €
EGT sensor with 2,5m cable + stainless attache to meld
(Code: 62074-06)
'Digital Altimeter 2 1/4'''
48.60 €
Outside Air Temperature (OAT) sensor with 2,5m link
(Code: 62074-07)
'Digital Altimeter 2 1/4'''
31.20 €
Carburetor Air Temperature (CAT) sensor - 10 x 100 let - 2,5m link
(Code: 62074-08)
'Digital Altimeter 2 1/4'''
117.60 €
Fuel pressure sensor for EIS Flybox instrument with 2m link + connectors