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(Code: 60131)
key contactor 3 positions 20amp
69.20 €
Key contactor 3 positions (stop, power-up and starter). Drilling diam: 22 mm
(Code: 60137)
3 keys relay 3positions 12Volts
29.00 €
Key contactor 3 positions (Stop, power up and starter). Weight: 85g. INT Terminal: battery entry: Terminal 50; to the starter relay: Terminal 30; instruments alimentation: Terminal 15; separated circuit: Terminal 30/1 (for example for a lamp which indicates power-up). During the tensioning, contact between terminals “-30” and “-30/1”. During the start-up, contact between terminals “-30 – 50” and “-30/1”. Drilling diam: 22 mm
(Code: 60166)
Four switch key contactor
24.84 €
4 positions key contactor (Park, stop, power-up and starter). While starting, the auxiliary supply is cut for protecting sensitive instruments (radio, etc, …) Drilling diam: 19 mm
(Code: 60365)
Dual ignition key switch
350.78 €
Double ignition key contactor provided on two separated circuits. The control function of the tape recorder (right, left and both) and the starter activation function. The contactor can be settled in a 2.22 cm whole. Provided with 2 keys: available with the ignition function.