Conical air filter for ROTAX 912

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A: 49,5 mm
B: 50 mm
C: 90 mm
D: 102 mm
E: 52 mm
F: 15 mm
G: 115 mm
Anatomy of a high-performance DNA filter:
1. DNA Cotton:
This special cotton is engineered by DNA's R&D engineers for high-performance filtering purposes. The base support is a non-woven surgical cotton gauze with a modified TEX & THREAD, with extremely high breaking resistance. This unique cotton media is actually a "hairy hybrid" with extremely high airflows and superior filtering efficiency of over 98%.
2. The DNA Mesh :
The DNA metal mesh is a very special material engineered by DNA's R&D engineers. Made of marine grade 5000 series aluminum, it features a unique "winding and filling" and a wire diameter calculated with precision, to have the high tensile strength and elasticity required. Additionally, it is protected from oxidation by a thin layer of epoxy coating. The DNA metal mesh is designed to perfectly support the cotton mats while not restricting airflow.
3. The DNA Filtering Media:
The DNA filtering media consists of 4 layers of DNA cotton, placed between 2 layers of DNA metal mesh, with folds in between. Another important feature of their filtering media is a "Large Edge Radius Crease". This feature allows the edge to be an active part of the filtering media, instead of an inactive "dead" zone. The result is a unified high airflow from the filter.
4. The DNA Oil :
This is an extremely important part of the DNA filter. Once the DNA oil is added to the cotton, the cotton becomes a "static charge" and is converted into an unbeatable filtering material! To achieve this fantastic result, they have developed a unique air filter oil formula. Their specifications for DNA air filter oil are as impressive as the filters. Moisture will not attack the oil, even if the filter is submerged in water. The filter flow remains unchanged even in extreme rainy conditions with high humidity. The oil has a low viscosity as well as high-temperature resistance and stability, it will spread uniformly and remain on the filter regardless of temperature. Additionally, it is UV resistant and easily soluble for easy filter cleaning.
5. DNA PU ( polyurethane elastomer)
The DNA PU is a thixotropic material used to manufacture the high-quality "frame" of the filter, with unique material specifications. High tensile strength with the necessary hardness for each application, high temperature resistance, fuel and oil resistance, the DNA PU will keep the filtering media in place and absorb vibrations.

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