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EPIRB FastFind 220

(Code: 81165)
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Distress marker McMurdo FastFind 220, bi-frequency, integrated GPS, compact, delivered with floating bag. The distress marker McMurdo FastFind 220 is bi-frequency: the Fast Find is equipped with two radio emitters which transmit as soon as you activate the marker. An emitter uses a 406 MHz frequency qui transmits emergency signals through satellite. The other emitter uses a 121.5 MHz frequency which transmits received signals by flying planes and guiding receivers of the Search and Rescue (SAR). The PLB Fast Find 220 marker is equipped with integrated GPS receivers which determinate the geographic position and transmit it with the distress signal. Once activated, the PLB marker emits a signal and keeps transmitting at least 24 hours with an output power of 5W so that your distress signal might be transmitted no matter conditions. The marker, waterproof, activates easily by clicking on a button and warns SAR services of the critical situation you are in. 220 FastFind characteristics: Size: 34 x 47 x 106 mm – Weight: 152 gr – Sealing: IPX8 – Equipped with a flash LED lamp – Battery: Lithium Manganese – Autonomy: on 10° temperature, 35H, and on -20°C, 24H. Battery validity: 6 years – GPS: 50 canals – Net price