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(Code: 90130-FR)
Flying on your own wings French
28.50 €
(-40.00%) 17.10 €
French version Chris Heintz is an aeronautical engineer with a 50 years career in designing and construction of light aircrafts. Recognized in the entire world like a talented and accomplished developer ...
(Code: 90151-SO)
ICAO Chart South West laminated
28.20 €
(-40.00%) 16.92 €
Plastified OACI North West - Edition 2016
(Code: 90129)
Mastering the paramotor - 5th Editi
26.00 €
This book must help future aircraft pilots, candidate to the theoretical exam aircraft common core, preparing and especially succeeding this test no matter the class he intends to and the selected option: pilot or trainer...
(Code: 91086)
59.90 €
(-40.00%) 35.94 €
This Finger Pulse Oximeter was specifically designed according to the pilot’s requirements. As every person’s body is different, it is therefore important that during flights above 8.000 ft the pilot’s blood oxygen saturation level is measured, in order to avoid any impairment through oxygen deficiency.
(Code: D10001)
Motor Simonini Mini4 from 2016 exhibition
2,112.00 €
(-40.00%) 1,267.20 €
Motor Simonini MINI4 de 164 cc with manual launcher, carburator Walbro WB32 and belt reduction 1 :270.
Year 2016, motor installed on paramotor as demonstration with one test run of 15mn for carburator setting in 2016.
Sold in state without warranty.