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Engine SIMONINI Mini 4 - starter

(Code: 76016)
2,244.00 €
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Mini 4 Plus Simonini engine including : the Poly V belt reducer with electric starter, the WALBRO WB 37 carburetor, the air filter and the exhaust pipe. Type 2T single-cylinder, air cooling system, rotating direction: counterclockwise seen from the propeller side. Cylindered 164 CC. Cylinder made with alloy treated with Nikasil. Speed x bore: 54,5 mm x 62 mm. Compression ratio: 11/1. Performance: 20 CV on 7200 lap/min. Lubrication: Fuel/3% oil mixture. Fuel: 95 Euro. Starter: IMD transductor. Carburetor with WALBRO WB37 air filter. Electric starter. Exhaust: Yes. Poly V 1/ 2,248 or 1/ 2,70 or 1/ 2,98. Full weight: 12kg