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(Code: 31846)
Simple lug anchor nut 25CD4 M4
3.90 €
Simple riveting steel nut 25CD4 M4
(Code: 31917)
Two lug anchor nut 25CD4 M5
5.75 €
Steel riveting bolt 25CD4 M5 - Double
(Code: 61011-3)
Pitot head protection
19.50 €
Pitot head protection 3/16' or 1/4'
(Code: 61011-4)
Pitot head 400 mm for airspeed
162.00 €
Pitot head for all pressure airspeed indicators of this catalog. AAluminum, 400 mm lenght with two meters of plastic tube Weight: 130 gr
(Code: 61356)
Airsp indic HALL para 0/50km/h
39.50 €
Mechanic pressure wind meter. Speed range: 0-50 km/h. Attachment on long support or short paragliding. Made in America. Weight: 55 gr
(Code: 62074-00)
VIGILUS FLYBOX - Engine Informatio
1,428.00 €
VIGILUS Fly Box for 912/914 motor (delivered without sensor)
(Code: 62511)
Float sender (horizon)
61.00 €
Horizontal lever gauge – Diam 70 mm – Interior : 40 mm – Length : 300 mm – Leverarm in the tank: 250 mm maxi. For flat tank with a round float – Weight: 120g – The gauge can be shorted in order to adapt it to your needs and to use the course.
(Code: 70722)
Air filter foam POD 63 x 102 mm
27.90 €
Air filter foam POD 63 x 102 mm Black or green according to the delivery
(Code: 70723)
Air filter foam POD 51x102 mm
27.90 €
Air filter foam POD 51 x 102 mm Black or green according to the delivery
(Code: 73505)
Stainless spring for exhaust 55mm
3.80 €
Stainless exhaust spring full length: 55 mm - Stainless rope AISI 316 L - Spring diam 2,2 mm
(Code: 80113)
229.00 €
Intercom IC-A12. On board interphone for ULM and light aircraft with voice triggering, integrable on diam 57 mm, standard civil aviation in its basic version, or standard ULM compatible with former headsets PRO and PRO2 in the IC-A12P version. CMS technology (components mounted on surface). 12V supply. Voice triggering and settable volume on its front. It is possible to delete entirely the voice triggering. Every interface can be connected on the back of the box through snap-on professional plugs (diam 10mm), with foolproof device. Delivered with a supply cable 12V on SubD9 plug. Box dimensions (aluminium): H. 64 mm x L. 64 mm x P. 75 mm. Embedding depth with connected cables : 10 mm – Weight : 120 gr – Weight with cable SubD : 150 gr
(Code: 80155-00)
Flush intercom IC-A13
289.01 €
On board intercom for ULM and light aircraft with voice triggering, integrable if diam 57 mm, civil aviation standard. CMS technology (components mounted on surface). Supply through the 12V on board. Many link possibility: - VHF radio aviation with automatic passenger micro attenuation when the pilots emits – UHF radio or second VHF radio (free flight, …) – GSM phone through BTA11 adapter sold separately – Music entrance with automatic attenuation when the pilot or the passenger speak, or a VHF message has been received – Entry IN/OUT supplementary – Noise killer numeric sound reducer – Voice triggering and interphone volume settable. Possibility to delete all the voice triggering. Possibility to delete the music entry and to replace it with a switch. Allows isolating the passenger with a switch, to make communication with the air center easier. Connection of every interfaces at the back of the box with clip-on professionals plugs diam 10 mm with foolproof device. Delivered with 12V supply cable on SubD 9 pins plug, with alternating entries. Box dimension: H. 64mm x L. 64 mm x P. 75 mm. Embedding depth with connected cables: 100 mm – Weight: 155gr – Weight with SubD cable: 185 gr – Precise what kind of radio
(Code: 80370)
Headset Lightspeed ANR ZULU 2
898.00 €
Headset Lightspeed ANR ZULU 2. A distinctive look and an incomparable comfort make the Zulu the ultimate mix between technology and high performance. Earrings combined with magnesium cups and supported by a headband made with stainless steel provides a settable width for only 364 gr. The Bluetooth connection used in the Zulu improves your flight by raising you flight liberty. Our engineers can’t stop searching how pilots feel the noise on different frequencies in the cockpit and develop technologies providing sound attenuation measured on the most critical ranges. The accomplishment is the ultimate performance earring kit and the leader in the industry of noise annulation. Net price
(Code: 61035)
Airspeed indic HALL 0-130 km/h
42.28 €
Mechanic pressure wind gauge. Speed range: from 0 – 130 km/h – Fixing on long support or short paraglider – American fabrication – Weight: 56 gr
(Code: 61047)
Pitot tube 6 SRG
72.00 €
Static plug Winter - Interior diam: 6 mm - Each
(Code: 61060-US)
Vertical card compass
684.68 €
Magnetic compass vertical built in without liquid but with lightning. 14V. Dimensions: 60 x 64 x 50 mm – Weight: 261 gr – Delivered without support
(Code: 61200-00)
Micro EFIS IFD Ø 57 mm
828.00 €
(Code: 61316)
Static pressure port
8.40 €
Static pressure plug 4 x 2 - Weight: 11g - Each