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Learn to fly the microlight

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Learn how to pilot an aircraft. This book’s essential goal is to help the aircraft or light plane future pilot (or the already certificated pilot), in the application of a piloting learning method. Authors have kept rigor they imposed in their previous volume (workability of the PPL), staying focused on the “piloting” part but adapting, stress-free, with a lot a facility, to multi axes aircrafts. An introduction to aerodynamic and flight mechanic is developed, stripped with all mathematics formula or complex physics. Is also proposed a chapter dedicated to phraseology on a non-controlled area, and a glossary adapted to aircraft. Humoristic watercolor go with every chapter. Authors, thanks to their pilot experience (from the paragliding speed to MACH 2), and trainer (gliding, single and multi-engine plane, multiple axis aircraft) allow themselves giving advices about human and safety determinants, to keep staying in a world full with liberty… And the pleasure of flying. 2nd edition, 192 pages.