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Teach me the plane ! - French book

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Teach me the plane! Logical following of the first volume "Draw me a plane”, this booklet teaches the elementary plane steering through drawing. Still faithful to the comics book style, this new book more technical, explains physical and mathematics phenomenon which, most of the time, are hard to explain. Here, through caricature and sketches, everything seems to be easy. Serious and sensitive subjects, like calculating aircrafts balance, are explained with humor, many details and accuracy. Two calculates examples make the balance problem easier to understand. So everyone can choose the way he prefers. Dashboard and engines "popped” drawings unveil secrets from their interior and allow a better understanding of their functioning. This new booklet, with no doubt, should generate a great interest to every pilots and student pilots, steering a plane, an aircraft, a planner and every aircraft modeling friends. 2nd edition – 152 relied pages