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BD AVIATEURS - Frequency 123.5

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Aviator comic book – Frequency 123,5 – Each. Aviators are back! With a humor still percussive, Gil Roy and Vincent deliver a new series of Sunday pilots daily chronicles. The two authors, private pilot and member of an aero club, fly for their leisure so as characters they stage in this aviators tiny story collection. Because incidents and accidents are also a reality in the aviation world, this second volume innovates by proposing a unique overflight of safety elementary rules through experience feedback. A light way to discuss this serious subject. Gil Roy is an independent professional journalist, aeronautic specialist. He also is a television documentarist and events planner around aeronautics and comic book. Originally, he created La Bande Dessinée Aéronautique du Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace de Paris-Le-Bourget.  Vincent is author of comic book. He worked elaborating 3D animations to cover tv stations, publicity and video games. He regularly collaborates with several aeronautics magazines. He’s the author of the comic book "Albatros”. Author: Gil Roy, Vincent. Format: 17x24 – Binding: relied – 56 pages – Release year: 2008.