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TwinMax carburetor balancer. Light, independent and accurate, this electronic device was conceived to proceed the carburetors balancing in a few minutes. Acclaimed by old motorcycles and cars, really easy to use, it allows optimizing the multi cylinder device functioning supplied by carburetors without being used by a mercury column – Provided with 85 cm pipe – 9V alkaline battery sold separately – Dimensions: 150x57x55mm
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Equilibreur TwinMax
Questions / Answers
Lightweight, self-sufficient and precise, this electronic device was designed to balance carburetors in a matter of minutes. Highly praised by collectors of classic cars and motorcycles, it is very easy to use and optimizes the performance of a multi-cylinder engine powered by carburetors without the need for a mercury column. The TwinMax is an electronic device that uses a 2-input air pressure sensor. An electronic module receives the pressure measurements and interprets them according to the desired sensitivity. A display precisely indicates the difference in pressure between the 2 air inputs. Simply connect the 2 air inputs to the carburetor or injection system intake pipes to observe the difference in pressure at all speeds.
The easiest to use
With the TwinMax balancer, balancing an intake takes no more than 4 minutes. Connect it to the vacuum ports, turn it on, start your engine and the difference in intake pressure in the cylinders will be displayed on its dial.
The most accurate
TwinMax is a comparator. The device indicates the difference in pressure in each intake manifold with a single measurement. There is no calibration error, no error related to the sensitivity of the sensors and no reading error.
The most robust
It is easy to use and robust, passed from hand to hand, and the first examples have been working for over 20 years in professional environments.
- 1 TwinMax
- 2 85 cm connection tubes
- 2 adapters + M5 seal
- 2 adapters + M6 seal
- 1 9V battery
- 1 carrying case
Why synchronize carburetors ?
The TwinMax carburetor is a complex component whose role is to create an air + fuel mixture and supply it to the engine. The complexity of the fuel system increases when the engine is powered by multiple carburetors. It is then essential that they are synchronized in such a way that all cylinders are supplied homogeneously.
What are the effects of poorly synchronized carburetors ?
Poor carburetor balancing reduces engine performance, increases fuel consumption, and generates abnormal stresses on the crankshaft and bearings, which can reduce its reliability.
What can I expect with a good synchronization ?
Proper carburetor balancing results in a feeling of an engine running perfectly "smoothly" at all speeds and delivering power much more consistently.
How does the TwinMax work ?
The TwinMax is a clever and simple device. It compares the difference in (de)pressure between 2 intake pipes and displays the deviation on its dial. Its sensitivity is adjustable which allows for balancing the (de)pressure at all engine speeds.
How to adjust the carburetion or the injection ?
In general, the adjustment procedure depends on the engine model, carburetor type, injection type or engine electronics. You can refer to your maintenance manual, the numerous instructions you will find on the web, or to our tutorials written with TwinMax users.
Where are the sockets for the depressiometer ?
Depending on the manufacturer, the connection ports are located in different places: on the cylinder head, on the carburetors, on the intake pipes. The connection ports can be: small pipes welded on the intake pipes and closed by a rubber cap that simply needs to be removed, small closure screws that simply need to be unscrewed in order to screw on the M5 or M6 adapters.
Some models do not have a connection port for the vacuum gauge, it is then possible to drill the intake pipes to M5 or M6 diameter, to tap them and then screw on the adapters. After the synchronization operation, it is enough to plug the holes with an M5 or M6 screw.
Do I need additional tools ?
No, the TwinMax comes with all the accessories needed to perform a balance on almost all engines. The carrying case contains the 2 85cm hoses that allow connecting the device to the carburetors as well as 2 M5 adapters and 2 M6 adapters which can balance almost all carburetors on the market and finally the 9V battery which powers the TwinMax.
Does an injection engine need to be synchronized ?
Electronic control units typically handle the engine and injection setting. However, in the vast majority of cases, the synchronization of the throttle butterflies must be performed as on a carburetor manifold. The vacuum ports are usually located on the intake pipes. The adjustment procedure may be slightly more complex, it is best to consult the vehicle service manual.
How to balance a set of more than 2 carburetors ?
A carburetor manifold is typically composed of a reference carburetor. By default, you need to identify the carburetor in which the vacuum is the lowest: it will serve as a standard. Then you just need to balance each carburetor with the reference carburetor.
Is the TwinMax more efficient than a gauge or needle device ?
Yes, the choice of electronics means that the TwinMax uses no liquid and no moving parts that could unbalance the measurements. In addition, it is equipped with a sensitivity adjustment button and a backlit dial that allows for clear reading of pressure differences. Used for over 20 years and sold to over 40,000 units worldwide, it has always been ranked number one compared to needle gauges, mercury columns and pneumatic vacuum gauges. Do not hesitate to read the comparison in the magazine Moto légende to get an idea of the effectiveness of the TwinMax
Is the TwinMax easy to use ?
The TwinMax is the simplest carburetor synchronizer to use. It weighs only 200g and fits in the hand. It requires no cumbersome setup and no specific tools. Simply turn it on and it is ready to work.

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