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Build his(her,its) light plane or i

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To build his own aircraft. This technical book is destined to everyone who pilot or wish to build a metallic conception aircraft. This adventure can’t be lived without a minimum of technical knowledges and building advices. This is what this book proposes through photos and many illustrations which allow the next builder to have a better apprehension of this activity. The editorial is destined to an audience which is already familiarized with technical vocabulary. Many boxes spangle the book to attract reader’s attention on particular points of the building. There is no need to be a technician in aeronautic to immerge in reading this booklet. At the mercy of pages, amateur builders will be able to avoid many pitfalls and to undertake the plane’s building in the biggest serenity. Every chapter is complemented by drawings realized by the author in order to have a better understanding of some paragraph. Anyway, such a practical and indispensable book for every person who want to launch into the construction of an aircraft.