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1600W Thermal Stripper

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Presentation : This entry-level thermal stripper model with two heating settings and air rate fits for every standard application to hot air. This entry-level device is a strong and experienced tool into practicing every work needed without a reduction nozzle. Besides the obligatory thermal fuse, a resettable thermostat provides an efficient protection against overheating. Main characteristics: * the temperature and the air rate can be settled thanks to a switch: 240 l/min, 300°C; 450 l/min, 500°C * Double protection against overheating: thermostat and thermal fuse * Rubber cable high resistance * To function manually or on a fixed point. Technic specification: *Size: 240 x 89 x 200 mm * Power: 1600 W * Tension: 230 – 240 V, 50 Hz * Air rate position 1: 240 L/min *Air rate position 2: 500L/min *Temperature position 1: 300°C *Temperature position 2: 500°C *Temperature setting: two-stage *Weight: 700 gr