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Flight data FC-10 sgl engine

(Code: 62105-03)
499.92 €
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FC-10 econometer is compatible with carburetor or injections mono-motor and bi-motor devices (for the version with 2 sensors). Possibility to select units displayed between gallons and liters then nautical miles, miles and kilometers. Orange backlit screen with light intensity automatic setting. 57 mm diameter device which functions with 12 – 28 V. Whole weight: 400 gr. The screen successively displays (Mode button) – The rate – Used fuel quantity – Available fuel quantity – Distance of flight time remaining – Fuel quantity needed until the next checkpoint (GPS) – Average fuel consumption. For motor which include a fuel feedback (ex: Rotax 912), the device accuracy can be increased by installing a second sensor. Send whithout Sensor (62105-02)
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