Flight logs & Boards

(Code: 90104-P)
Cover pilote logbook professional
37.10 €
(-15.00%) 31.54 €
Pouch for flight book plane type, delivered with movable slip
(Code: 91019-01)
flight board for 9-11"
49.90 €
(-15.00%) 42.42 €
Flight board for IPAD. Elegant, high quality kneeboard built with ecologic leather and disposes of a wide Velcro strip, holding clamp, two elastic pen holders.
(Code: 91019-02)
Flight board for PHONE 5.5"-6.5"
29.90 €
(-15.00%) 25.42 €
Flight board for iPhone. Elegant, high quality kneeboard built with ecologic leather for iPhone 3, iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. Disposes of a huge Velcro strip, clip holding, elastic pen holder and a metallic fixation for the controller pilot KIT. In addition to the strip anti-sliding bars provide a really huge stability. In the inside, the kneeboard is covered with a soft fleece to protect your iPhone and also disposes of a pouch for visit cards. Size: 7.5 cm x 13.5 cm. Sold without pen and monoxide pad.
(Code: 91017)
VD-ROO Kneeboard
16.91 €
(-15.00%) 14.37 €
This elegant and high quality flight board has been conceived in leather (environmentally friendly). With wide fixation Velcro strips, a fixation clamps, two elastic pen holders and anti-sliding bars will give you an optimum seat. On the back there is a place for a pen. This flight board is really adapted for students. Non included pens.
(Code: 90104-JE)
The Professional European Pilot Logbook
52.50 €
(-5.00%) 49.88 €
(Code: 90104-CU)
ULM logbook
15.00 €
(-15.00%) 12.75 €
(Code: 91011)
A5 standard VD-PRO pockets (x10)
7.61 €
Transparent pouch for VD-PRO - Size A5 (x10 pieces)
(Code: 90104-CR)
logbook plane / helicopter
15.00 €
(-15.00%) 12.75 €
(Code: 90104-CV)
logbook plane / helicopter
15.00 €
(-5.00%) 14.25 €
Flight book plane / helicopter - Each