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Three-blade SWIRL, Right

(Code: 74590-DX)
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Two-bladed DUC Inconel Flash propeller (right). New innovating design for a strong extension while cruising (new definition of the kinking axis and the center of pressure). Strong “constant speed” effect and high performance. Low consumption and sound nuisance reduction. Blades and hubs made with composite, look like carbon. The FLASH blades and hub are built according to the DUC technology, from unidirectional carbon fibers pre impregnated with epoxy resin. Low weight and inertia. High accuracy manufacturing. Hub equipped with metal inserts. Diam: 1625 to 1854 mm (64” to 73”) Weight: 4,4 kg. Leading edge reinforced with Inconel. Application: light plane with tractive configuration. Engine from 100 to 180 CV: Rotax, Jabiru, VW, Continental, Lycoming… Be careful: precise the engine and the model of the aircraft while ordering.