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Ignition mate

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IgnitionMate Kit : this is an oscilloscope, pus the convenient part. The most  popular tool of the recreational vehicle industry to repair faults, especially those from the commanded start-up circuit (Transistor, CDI, tape recorder, platinum screws). No demounting needed – Find safely and quickly the wrong piece or the bad contact. Fast profitability thanks to the gain of time: no more changing useless pieces. This tool was specifically created to detect faults happening in the front start-up system. Every demounting would be useless. The best definition of the IgnitionMate is the following one: "Universal device allowing you to measure a signal between two points of the circuit at the same time – Primary or secondary – in order to locate the faults”. The primary circuit is the one which goes from the battery to the entry of the coil; the secondary circuit is the one which goes from the outfit of the coil to the spark plug. Except for obvious case, we recommend to use IgnitionMate from upstream to downstream, which means from the battery to the spark plus cable. Principals characteristics: Selector 10/40/400 V (primary circuit) – Selector 10/20/40kV (secondary circuit) – Double display including one of them settable, used to measure the alternative power (sparks), whereas the other one, limited to 20kV, allows a changeover from a setting to another one. The spark power function is not a measure function but it is a comparative function between cylinders, as well as a viewing of the signal stability. This operation can be operated with an inducing clamp, mass clip disconnected.  Being able to measure the power in very useful in the following case: Even if a tension is measured, there may not have any, which means there is no "arc” between electrodes and the spark plug, so there is no start-up. This can be done on the entire cable or just on a part of it. The poorer the mix will be, the less stable the spark current will be. IgnitionMate may give