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Introduction to Aviation 6th

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This book has been redacted by a team of trainers and pilots who have a huge experience in aeronautic training. Authors attached to present different type of aircraft, to explain the functioning of their constitutive elements and to describe the environment the device is evolving. This document has been redacted for high school students so that they could prepare with success the Aeronautic Initiation Certificate. It can also be used as a support for secondary teachers who want to present the Aptitude Certificate to Teaching Aeronautic. Those lasts, as well as aero clubs trainers, will find in these book explanations, schemes and needed pictures to this teaching. Everybody who want to discover the aeronautic world will also be interested. Main chapters are: Aircrafts description, aerodynamic, engines, flight mechanics, aircraft constitutive elements, navigation, flight instruments, meteorology, plane environment and the description of a light plane flight, space introduction, evolution of the aviation throughout History.