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The Weather of Gliding and Flying L

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Planner monitor and forecaster at Meteo France, the author has always been trying to understand atmospherics movements which allow non-motorized aircrafts to stay in the air. He also interested to particular weather situations favorable to long distance flight: from 800 to 1000 km in planner and from 200 to 300 km in paragliding. He understood that big flight in planner are linked to the characteristics air mass and homogeneous which depend on the altitude general courant well defined. Collaborating enlarged with regional gliding centers, and through flight writings, he led a long study on meteorological conditions met and the air mass analysis. This collaborating enlarged to paragliding pilots. By participating to many regionals, nationals or internationals championships, the author knew how to refine his experience in the really low couch of the atmosphere domain.  Moreover, by interfering with training sessions to the aerological prediction to web pilots, paragliding or aircrafts, he created an analysis method destined to aircrafts pilot. It seemed natural for the author, to synthetize all those data and knowledge accumulated and to share his methodology through this book. By reading this book, free flights pilots will be able to analyze easily and interpret meteorological data they will consult on websites. So they will be able to determine 2 or 3 days earlier, the most favorable flight situation.