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The Robinson R22: pre-flight inspec

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Helicopters derived of the first lineage helicopter R22 conceived by Franck Robinson are nowadays the most sold civilian helicopters in the world. Its honorable performances, its reasonable buying price and its reduced maintaining cost make this a helicopter we can’t ignore. You’ll have difficulty in finding a pilot who stays neutral in front of this engine. It has its own detracting public but there also are many pilots who only swear by this machine. Its modernity and its lack of maintaining between revisions have led some pilots to become overconfident and careless. However, this machine still is a helicopter with its mechanic complexity. Its huge agility needs smoothness of steering which doesn’t forgive some bad reflexes. High accidents rate during first years have been strongly reduced thanks to focused training actions.  The "Robinson Safety Course” is one of the examples. Originally intended to trainers, this safety class about steering Robinson R22 and R44 should be recommended to every pilot. Developed at the beginning to answer students who wanted to know better helicopters, we thought it is interesting publishing this tiny book dedicated to process on ground. Indeed it appeared that those parts, which seem trivial compared with steering, tend to be quickly forgotten by the occasional pilot.