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Aerial drones

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Aerian drone. By realizing a global photography of the world of drones, industrial industry constantly evolving, this booklet establishes a situation point about the subject, particularly defining those machine real added values, and its complementarity according to lived aircraft. By taking care of technical, economical and regulatory stress, it highlights what refers to reality, fantasy or pure communication. In addition, presenting many ways of reading, this one addresses to both the specialist who was born in the aeronautic culture and the new practicing. For this reason, it has been conceived as a tool, which helps you decrypting actuality; both in general press as in the professional one. Its French and English lexicon of acronyms will give you terminology keys allowing eventually to deepen some researches on the web. Finally, by telling the origin and the filiation of those automatized systems, the book “the aerian drone world” explain their classification, and their characteristics established according to their use level and dedicated missions. It opens one window at a time on civilians applications, and on future programs which go from the tiniest scale to spaceship domain.