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Mallette private airplane pilot - F

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Private pilot briefcase – 17th edition. Progressive, pedagogic, warrant of a successful teaching, this guidebook presents you theoretical, technical, useful and essential data, knowledge and practice necessary. This book is really useful and necessary to the student-pilot who will find a reference support, reliable and experienced. It also is a safety tool for the teacher. It is a relevant way to maintain knowledges and skills for the already patented pilot. In this 17th edition, regulations changes linked to the SERA (the new European Standard of the Air Regulation) are taken care of. The guidebook is structured in seven phases in a way to make easier the acquiring of knowledge progressively during progression, but taking into account the organization of the theoretical exam, syllabus relating to the “common” test are marked in order to facilitate the review on knowledge about an exam or another. The booklet of progression, included in the briefcase (see details downer) of the student, used to include a poster allowing measuring the pedagogic progression of the student; we added a new table called “Progression control” leaving the instructor the liberty to choose the formula, the support, which fits better to him. The briefcase also includes synthetic cards made with reinforced paper, making the knowledge assimilation easier: a four pages weather reminder and a card Preparing and managing your flight. The index wealth is a precious help: - for the student, allow an efficient learning and review work – For the teacher, makes his research easier. The figures table is a second precious tool; we find in there 544 figures.