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Manual of microlight pilot 15h Edi

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Aircraft pilot guidebook 11th edition. Progressive, educational, guarantor of a successful teaching because efficient and gratifying, this guidebook presents you the theoretical, technical and practical, knowledge and expertise needed. Really illustrated, it allows a concrete and attractive approach and an easy reading. Its original organization, in the form of progression makes the acquisition of the knowledge easier. In 1983, thanks to DGAC and FFPLUM, a work team, built with Régis Le Maitre, Philippe Mermoux, Charles Teil led this project, helped by Gilbert Klopfstein, Christian Briand, Alain Dreyer, Jean-Maurice Bourgueil, Pierre Michaux, Philippe Tisserand and Pierre-André Cousin for the humoristic drawing. The Centre National de Vol à Voile de Saint-Auban also added its contribution. Nowadays, Régis Le Maitre makes sure the update is made, he is the guarantor of the respect of the aircraft spirit. 352 pages – Dimensions: 210 x 297 mm – Each – Weight: 940 gr