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The autogyro, from theory to the pr

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The author invites you, in the first chapter dedicated to mechanic, to discover the autogyro in every details, from the wheel to the rear wheel, studying the calculation of motorization necessary to the device you want to realize. Everything is told to you about the construction, pre launchers and definitive settings before the first flight. The second part is about the aerodynamic aspect of the engine: after reminding you basic knowledge, you will know everything about the rotor functioning and the aircraft during flight. Finally, the steering lesson starts by driving on the ground until improvement for the most knowledgeable pilots: emergencies process, engine failure while taking-off or above a lake are also treated. From the renewal of La Cierva formula (1921 by Igor Bensen during 50’s to contemporary gyros, you will know everything about conception, realization, development and steering of this device.