(Code: 62150-RP-03)
Kanardia engine tachometer
444.00 €
(Code: 62210-11-57)
410.40 €
Omnia ROTOR is a multifunction rotor tachometer with added functions like chronometer and automatic flight timer. The instrument is fully customizable to fit almost any rotor pulse number. The instrument is suitable for installation on both gyroplanes and helicopters.

(Code: 62210-09-57)
Omnia RPM
409.20 €
(Code: 62210-17-57)
410.40 €
Omnia RPM-ROTOR is a multifunction engine tachometer with added functions like 4 Hobbs meters, chronometer, automatic flight timer, last flight RPM peak, max RPM peak ever and a RPM Rotor indicator.
(Code: 62124)
RPM indicator double firing AVIA D5
133.46 €
Double ignition RPM indicator AVIA SPORT for the range ROTAX 447, 503 and 582, fits on SIMONINI motor equipped with a DUCATI ignition. Standard mounting diam 57 mm.
(Code: 62127-57)
Tachometer AVIA 912 D.57
154.16 €
Aviasport Cpt 912 diam 57 mm
(Code: 62071-00)
Tachometer digital/cpt H universal
94.90 €
Digital RPM indicator / Hour meter tiny TACH universal, it possesses TINY-TACH 1C, 2C and 4C functions. Adjustable tool for 1 to 8 sparkles per revolution. Accuracy: Superior than 1% - Display magnitude: nearly 9 mm (2 or 4 figures) Using limit: -20° to 50°C – Weight: 100 gr – Dimensions: 75 (L) x 39 (l) x 20 mm (H) – Connection cable length: 1800 mm – Battery life time: nearly 5 years – Warranty: 30 days. The perfect motor instrument for paragliders and auxiliary motorization. Easy, economic and light mounting. The Tiny Tach is a RPM indicator really accurate and reliable. Reading on it is really easy. Its plugin and autonomic supply can’t create any short circuit and avoids every breakdown due to the apparel. The hour meter only works while the motor is functioning, so just the real on-time is counted. The display indicates the number of hour when the motor is stopped. While the motor is on, the system can be displayed. Plugin is really easy: - The red link has to be wrapped 3 or 4 times around a spark plug wire. – The white link must be connected to the mass motor. Motor example: 2 sparkles per tour (180°), electronic start-up motor: Rotax 447, 503, 582, 618, Zanzoterra MZ34, MZ201, Solo 210 Ducati and IDM, SImonini… 1 sparkle per tour (360°) start-up with platinum screw: Rotax 447, 462, 532, …
(Code: 62240-80)
Tachometer hour meter 912 + 80 mm
174.41 €
RPM indicator with hour meter – Diam 80 mm for Rotax 912 with alarm 5800 tr/min. The needle motion is damped by silicon oil.
(Code: 62243-52)
Tachometer rotor diameter 52 mm
141.07 €
RPM indicator rotor diam 52 mm - Works with 4 pulses by round - Alarm on 420 tr/min