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The Summary of the microlight pilot

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This third edition of « Precis du pilote ULM et avion léger » stayed faithful to qualities which made their success : provide to the future pilot, just like the patented pilot, a basic and easy to use work. In that direction, it perfectly answers to the definition the dictionary gives of "Precis”: "concise” and "sententious” work. Every essential rules are treated in these: - The aerial space evolution where navigation is ruled – The aerodynamic base, flight mechanic and performances are sum up with rigor and without concession – Motorization, equipment, board instruments and annex. This book is a "supplement to steering book”, its abbreviated form allows it being slipped in the flight bag, it is always here, ready to give a detailed answer to a question which would be, later, developed in a more detailed study. In that direction, this book is the "vade-mecum” every pilot will need. Topic developed and the presentation timeline give the confirmed pilot (PPL, LAPL, basic patent, aircraft) a "way of working” to maintain skills updated and perfect their knowledge. It also perfectly fits to the drone student pilot who prepares the theoretical exam – 264 pages – Weight: 640g - Each