(Code: 91341)
Light Aviation Cleaning Kit
73.20 €
Ultimate shine with TECH-SURFACE, streak-free cleanliness with our Insect Cleaner, and a clear view with vision 360 for your glass roofs.

(Code: 91432)
5L hand washer
47.87 €
Wash hand soap - Gel in 5L box
(Code: 91368)
Carburetor cleaner injector
22.56 €
(-15.00%) 19.18 €
Cleaning carburetor – injector. Preventive and curative action. Allow struggling against the carburetor or injector fouling on gasoline engine. Eliminate oxide scale, gums and varnish.
(Code: 20241-01)
Lexan antistatic cleaner
44.63 €
(-15.00%) 37.94 €
Antistatic cleaner windshields Lexan - sold in 1 litter bottles.
(Code: 91450)
LOCTITE 7039 contact cleaner
34.40 €
LOCTITE cleaning contact cleans and protects all kind of electric components. Neutral according to components, no grease, dry in 1 minute. Can be used on every electric contact: pins, connectors, pods, beams, terminals, fuses, jack plugs on every type of electric, electronic device and every component which could be in contact with humidity. 400 ml
(Code: 91449)
LOCTITE 7235 brake cleaner
18.58 €
LOCTITE brake cleaning, quickly erases dirt, grease, oil and deposit. Dry really quickly and do not leave any traces. Using: lining, plates, drum-brakes, brake discs, clutch,… Not recommended to clean plastics components. 600 ml
(Code: 91454)
LOCTITE 7840 cleaner-degreasing
17.58 €
LOCTITE cleaning – degreaser. Cleans every surfaces and takes off dust, oil and grease traces. It can be diluted with water to satisfy cleaning multiple operations. 750 ml spray
(Code: 91453)
LOCTITE 7850 Hand cream
13.08 €
(-15.00%) 11.12 €
LOCTITE cleaning cream for hands. Manufactured with citrus fruit barks. Biodegradable. Contains pumice stone powder for a deep cleaning and softening agent for the skin. May be used without water and leave no grass foil. Dissolves dirty, grease, oils, asphalt, glues, inks, etc… 400 ml bottle.
(Code: 21160-F7)
Metal polish grade F7 (456gr)
130.33 €
Grade F7 NuShine polish cream, regenerates aluminium and other steels surfaces, and removes the corrosions caused by the light leaving a thin coat of protection and recovering the original bright. 0.520 kg
(Code: 21160-IIC)
Metal polish grade IIC
111.92 €
Grade C NuShine polish cream, removes the oxidization on aluminium and other steels surfaces, leaving a thin coat of protection and recovering the original bright. 0.520 kg
(Code: 21160-IIS)
Metal polish grade IIS
103.36 €
Grade S NuShine polish cream, finishing product for aluminium and other steels surfaces, leaving a thin coat of protection and recovering the original bright.
(Code: 91401)
Multi Cleaner concentrated 1L
22.75 €
Concentrated multi cleaner (1L), without phosphate: for domestic, industrial and agricultural use. Acts against grease, resins, big fouling, wine spots, algae, nicotine, pencils and pens traces, and asphalt....
(Code: 20242-02)
Polishing Creme 2 for Lexan
48.18 €
(-15.00%) 40.95 €
Finishing Agent n° 2 - To apply after the action of the cream n° 1 (Ref: 20242-01) 1 Kg Bottle.
(Code: 20242-01)
Polishing Creme n°1 in Lexan
48.18 €
(-15.00%) 40.95 €
Polish Cream 1 for eliminating external light scratches and restores the original shine and transparency of Lexan windshield. It is recommended use after applying the cream polish n°2 (Ref: 20242-02) Bottle of 1 Kg
(Code: 21167)
Polishing paste for metal TRIOMF
21.40 €
Polishing paste for metal TRIOMF