Headsets & Headbands

(Code: 80500-S)
Lightspeed Sierra ANR Headset
848.00 €
Step up to the world of premium ANR headsets with the value-priced Sierra. ANR and Bluetooth connectivity bring top-of-the-line features to Sierra and a reversible headband design allows microphone placement on the left or right.
(Code: 80500-Z)
Lightspeed ZULU 3 Dual GA
1,048.00 €
Zulu 3 is designed for the discerning pilot looking to invest in a high quality ANR aviation headset built for longevity and with unsurpassed attention to comfort details.
(Code: 80235)
Adapter 'Y' PRO 2
70.00 €
Y adapter - Alphatec ULM helmet / Intercom civil aviation
(Code: 80241)
Aviation adapter / intercom PRO2
74.38 €
Adapter allowing plugging an aviation helmet double jack to a PRO2 monojack set. (2 female plugs 5.2 to a male plug 6.3 mm)
(Code: 80385)
Headset Microphone H10-30
399.00 €
The David Clark H10-30 headset, with its articulated arm and dynamic microphone, is an ideal choice for a first purchase or as an emergency headset...
(Code: 80101-01)
Kit equipment Premium S3 double jack
319.00 €
PRO 2 equipment kit to fixate on the headset for paramotor - Monojack
(Code: 80232)
Windscreen Large Model
6.40 €
Moonraker anti-wind - High model diam 6 mm Length nearly 7 cm
(Code: 80102)
Windscreen Small Model
4.00 €
Windscreen moonraker tiny model. Diam : 8 mm. Length: nearly 5 cm. Use with closed cabins