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Parts Mini 2 & 2plus

Cap of spark plug Mini 2 plus Spark plug for Mini 2 Plus NGKBR10ES Transducer (ignition coil) Aluminium support for coil rectifier / regulator Set of brace M8 Shock-mount MF M8 x A40 x B28 Cylinder head Mini 2 Plus O-ring for head cylinde Mini 2 cylinder after n°3862 Kit of stud for head cylinder Exhaust gasket MINI 2 and MINI 4 Exhaust manifold Mini2 Piston axis Mini 2 plus Peer of segment mini 2 plus Piston, piston ring, clip axis Needle bearing Set of 2 gaskets SPY MINI 2 Set of bearings for crankshaft axis Link mini 2 plus + bearings Set of bearings for crankshaft axis Set of 2 gaskets SPY MINI 2 Cylinder gasket Mini 2 and Mini 4 Pack of M6 screws for crankcase Crankshaft with link + bearings Nut for primary pulley Wheel Mini 2 Plus Screw for stator Mini 2 plus Stator for mini 2 plus Support plate for stator Mini 2 plus depression plud M6x6 Gasket for depression plug Air filter Mini 2 and Mini4 Support for air filter Carburettor WALBRO WB 37 Brace for carburettor WB 32 pipe clamp Set of Screws for admission manifol Manifold carburetor support Valve admission box Gasket valve admission box Crankcase Mini 2 Plus Eccentrix secondary axis Circlips secondary pulley Set of bearings secondary pulley Distance ring Electric starter SIM 3000W Dx16 Eccentrix secondary axis Starter crown Pulley for reducer Mini 2 plus Washer for primary pulley Nut for primary pulley Belt Poly-V J508 14 teeth Secondary pulley Mini 2 plus Eccentric setting screw Flabby propeller Mini 2
(Code: 76100/01)
rectifier / regulator
33.60 €
Rectifier / regulator for MINI2PLUS/01 or MINI3
(Code: 76100/03)
Set of brace M8
7.20 €
Set of brace M8
(Code: 76100/05)
Kit of gasket Mini 2 plus
9.60 €
Kit joints Mini 2 Plus, cylinder heads gaskets, cylinder, admission and exhaust joints
(Code: 76100/05T)
O-ring for head cylinde
2.40 €
(Code: 76100/07B)
Mini 2 cylinder after n°3862
206.40 €
Cylinder for Simonini mini 2 plus engine which serial number is bigger than 3862, this one doesn’t fit a channel for the cylinder head.
(Code: 76100/09)
Shock-mount MF M8 x A40 x B28
7.20 €
Silent bloc M/F M8 x A40 x B28 for Simonini engine
(Code: 76100/10)
Crankcase Mini 2 Plus
237.60 €
(Code: 76100/12)
depression plud M6x6
4.80 €
Underpressure grip M6 x 6 for Mini2 and Mini4 engine
(Code: 76100/14)
2.40 €
(Code: 76100/17)
Carburettor WALBRO WB 37
129.60 €
(Code: 76100/17A)
Brace for carburettor WB 32
25.20 €
Brace for carburetor WB 32
(Code: 76100/17B)
Support for air filter
4.80 €
(Code: 76100/21)
Valve admission box
45.60 €
(Code: 76100/22)
Gasket valve admission box
2.40 €
Admission flap box joint (A4 fixation)
(Code: 76100/23)
Electric starter SIM 3000W Dx16
170.44 €
300W SIM electric starter for Mini2PLUS, Mini2EVO and Simonini 250 engines. Only compatible with SIM crown wheel reference 76100/26
(Code: 76100/26)
Starter crown
50.40 €
(Code: 76100/27)
Washer for primary pulley
0.72 €
Steel washer for primary pulley diam 13 x 24 mm, thickness: 2,5 mm
(Code: 76100/28)
Nut for primary pulley
1.20 €
(Code: 76100/30)
Flabby propeller Mini 2
12.00 €