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Pears, Pumps & Primers

(Code: 70502)
Electric fuel pump
141.98 €
PIERBURG fuel pump, fit for most of using. (Rotax 912) Pressure from 270 to 350 gr (0.27 to 0.38 bar) fit for most of motoring. 12V supplying. Dimensions: Body diam: 38 mm, body length: 85 mm, full length: 134 mm and output diam: 8 mm. Different using pressure are available. Equipped with a tiny filter. Flow: 95L / h. Weight: 350 g
(Code: 70503)
rectangular fuel pump Mikuni
71.92 €
Rectangular fuel pump Mikuni, fits for most of 2T motor, simple carburetor with float. Input / Output diam 6 mm
(Code: 70504-KP)
kit primer
84.50 €
The primer kit gets mounted instead of the starter command. Power, ignition facility and life time of the battery are increased. Pipe nearly 3m – Diam 3 x 6 mm
(Code: 70536)
Pump repair kit MIKUNI
37.04 €
Repairing kit for double Mikuni fuel pump
(Code: 70537)
Electric fuel pump FACET + connecto
137.04 €
Solid state fuel pump FACET, plated steal body, auto regulated and compact. Flow: 113 l/h – Pressure: from 200 to 310 gr. Female output 1/8 NTPF, delivered with splined 6 mm tips. Fits to fill tanks. 12 V supplying, body mass. Weight: 515 gr. Dimensions: Height: 60 mm, Width: 80 mm
(Code: 70573)
rectangular mikuni repair kit
26.62 €
Rectangular Mikuni repairing kit
(Code: A001000)
Valve Cover
13.90 €
Priming pear for Rotax 582 / 503
(Code: A893115)
238.91 €
Mechanic fuel pump 912/912S (with connectors). The draining hose must be settled in a zone submitted to dynamic air circulation or depression.