Stators & Coils

(Code: 70071)
Boitier ignition 447/503/582
151.43 €
Start-up box 447/503/582 - Victor1 and Victor2
(Code: 70072)
Driving sensor 447/503/582
38.44 €
Driving sensor 447/503/582
Specify when ordering.
Short wire = 10 cm
Long wire = 40 cm
(Code: 70287)
driving stator IDM
78.54 €
Stator equipping the same motor as above. A coil products the impulsion for the ignition, other produce alternative current which, through a regulator, proposes 12V in order to charge a battery for instance.
(Code: 70286)
flying standard (rotor)
81.10 €
Steering wheel Rotor standard, work with stator ref. 70287 for MZ 34, RDM (except for SOLO)
(Code: 70285)
transducer IDM
51.46 €
IDM transductor. Electronic start-up box with automatic advance timing. Settled on most of paragliding motor, used on ZANZOTTERA for 6 years, and adapted by most of current contructors, like SOLO mounted on most of paragliding, SIMONINI MINI Plus, Italian motor BDM, the CORSAIR and the TOP 80.