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(Code: 40111)
Pressure limiter 25 bars
146.90 €
Aluminum shaped out and anodized red. Makes you limit progressively pressure in the braking circuit from 25 bars (no adjustable). Avoid accidental overpressure which could damage the braking circuit. Delivered with banjo double screw M10 x 1. Be careful: do only use DOT 4 oil. The tag on the picture is here so that you could evaluate how tall the product really is. The only limiter is sold. Net price
(Code: 40112)
Disk for Beringer brake
329.44 €
Stainless steel thickness 3.2 mm BERINGER
(Code: 40115)
Disk for Beringer brake
228.89 €
Stainless steel thickness 3.2 mm BERINGER
(Code: 40116)
Kit tank for brake fluid
59.54 €
Translucent with viewing of the mini and maxi level, aluminum cap anodized red. Waterproof with a compensation bellows of the brake liquid. Delivered with an attachment bracket and flexible fuel hoses.
(Code: 42095)
Hydraulic oil DOT4 - 500ml
13.13 €
Fluid destined to drum or disc brakes systems as well as most of vehicles coupling systems. It fits to tough utilization systems (disc brakes reaching high temperature). Specific gravity: 1,06 at 20°C, pH: 6,9 mm²/s, color: pale yellow, neat boiling point: > 230°C. Properties and advantages: mixable to every other DOT4 and DOT3 brakes fluids, neutrality regarding joints. High anti corrosive power, answering to the toughest requirements. FMVSS116-DOT4-SAEJ 1073
(Code: 42108)
Purge valve for brake 1/8'
18.00 €
Purge valve for 1/8' brake
(Code: 42143)
Oil tank with staight outlet
17.98 €
Transparent oil tank with output on the right.
(Code: 42144)
Oil tank with bent outlet
26.27 €
Transparent oil tank with 90° output. Height : 58,5 mm. Tank diam: 28 mm
(Code: 42145)
Oil alu tank
37.54 €
Oil tank made with aluminum (exterior output diameter: 6 mm and 4 mm in the inside) Weight: 80,5 kg.
(Code: 42146)
Oil for brake Aeroshell aviation
14.34 €
Aeroshell oil brake, type mineral aviation, can only be used with systems expected to this kind of oil, more specifically do not mix with blue and green DOT4 oil.
(Code: 42158-00)
Parking hydraulic brake
137.15 €
Hydraulic parking brake, compatible with DOT4 or Aeroshell. Planned with 2 entrances and 2 outputs for rilsan tube (diam 6,35 mm)
(Code: 42260)
Sterile syringe 50 ML
10.25 €
Polypropylene needle - 2 pieces - 5 mL - Steril
(Code: 42322)
Blow-off M10 x 100 screw
18.00 €
Brake blow-off M10 x 100 screw