Vortex generators

(Code: 92030-01)
Kit 120 pieces vortex generator
121.86 €
Vortex generator kit 120 pieces for horizontal stabilizer. Vortex generator are used to improve planes speed, to improve their limits, to improve the control of the plane and to reduce vibrations induced by the limit couch separation on some device. VG get installed on the plane wing but also under the plane and the tail. The used material to produce VG is the polypropylene (PP) resistant to fuel. Sold with double side scotch to fixate and mounting instructions.
(Code: 92025)
Kit vortex generator aluminum
398.23 €
Full kit including 62 vortex generators 6061 T6 made with aluminum, an adhesive roll for temporary fixation, a glue stick for definitive fixation of generators and conditions of installation in English.
(Code: 92020)
Vortex generator (100 pcs)
120.50 €
Vortex generator, 25x10 mm base, maximum height 8mm (100 pcs) and 2 position lugs. Molded vortex generators improve flowing and decreasing the laminar dragged on the plane. They can be found on planes in practically every country in Western Europe and Latin America.